Retekess TR631 Stereo FM Radio Portable CD player, Receive DAB Station, Support USB, CD, AUX, European Version

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Receive DAB stations (174.928~239.200MHz) and FM stations (88-108Mhz)

Support CD/USB/AUX/BT playback and stereo sound quality

Power supply and dry battery power, both power supply methods

The sleep timer function automatically turns off after a certain time

Portable handle, you can easily take it with you anywhere

LCD backlight display for easy day and night use

USB playback supports 4 loop modes

4 EQ modes: jazz, rock, classic, pop

Support 30 FM radio presets

With alarm clock function

Free volume adjustment

Listen to DAB stations

The portable CD player can receive radio stations from DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting). DAB provides sound close to CD quality with the advantages of noise, interference, radio waves, and propagation fading to ensure the quality of the received signal.

tr631 multifunction CD player receive DAB-stations

5.0 Bluetooth connection

It can be easily connected to most devices such as cell phones, tablets, and computers via Bluetooth, with high transmission efficiency and low latency to play high-quality music and play the role of Bluetooth speakers.

4 EQ modes

EQ modes include jazz, rock, classic, pop four kinds of sound, you can freely adjust the music style according to preference and different scenes.

Dual power supply mode

You can use the power cord to connect the host and power supply for the power supply, or you can use it with dry batteries directly on the host, so you can use the radio anytime and anywhere at home and on the road, making your life full of fun.

Five-in-one CD player

Portable CD player includes CD, Bluetooth, u-disk (compatible with MP3 WMAAAC format, AUX, and DAB+/FM radio 5 playback modes, it is both a CD player, Bluetooth audio, MP3 and dual-band radio, equivalent to having multiple devices at the same time. In addition, no matter which playback mode, you will be fascinated by its crystal clear sound quality.

FM Radio

As a multi-functional CD player, it supports stereo playback of FM radio. In addition, you can preset 30 frequently used radio stations, and you can directly select from the preset stations when you turn on the radio next time without spending time to adjust, which is very convenient.

CD Player

With this portable CD player, you can listen to your favorite CDs anywhere, anytime. CDs are easy to install, play smoothly and support a variety of audio formats, including CD, CD-R, CD-RW.

Sleep Timer

If you want to fall asleep while listening to the radio, the sleep timer is the perfect choice. When you sleep, you don't have to worry about the radio going on all night. It will automatically turn off after a certain amount of time.

Portable handle and LED display

The portable handle makes it easy to take it with you anywhere you go. The friendly backlight design allows you to use it at night for easy viewing of settings, parameters, etc.

Easy to operate

Although this is a multi-functional portable stereo CD player, you definitely won't find the operation steps tedious, whether it's volume adjustment, playback mode selection or CD programming, it can be quickly set up in seconds, so even the elderly can easily use it.

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Frequency range DAB【174.928~239.200MHz】   FM【88-108Mhz 】  
Output power 3W × 2 
 THD 10%    
Supply voltage AC 100 - 250V DC 9V    
Battery 1.5V*6 LR14/C    
Speaker output power 3W    
Operating ambient temperature -25℃~+45℃    
Product size 320(L) x 190(W) x 130(H)mm
Weight 1.5kg body (without battery)
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