Retekess TT106 Tour Guide Sound System with Two Transmitters Long Standby for Factory Tour Church Translation Social Distance 2.4GHz

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TT106 tour guide sound system include 4 transmitters 60 receivers 1 64-port charging case

Supports two transmitters working together in a group

Transmitter works continuously for 25h and receiver works continuously for 23h

With a dedicated AUX port for connecting audio devices

Long transmission range up to 150m/492 ft

One-click to turn off all connected receivers

One-click mute transmitter

2.4GHz global public channel

Automatic pairing

9999 channels

Applications of TT106 tour guide sound system

1. Schools (school tours/outdoor courses/lectures)
Getting authorization where the use of PA systems is prohibited and where people must "whisper" or whisper.
Increasing the attention span of students.
To enhance the quality of instruction by allowing the speaker's words to be effectively conveyed

2. Business events (interpretation/factory tours/meetings/training)
Hands-free talking, allowing the speaker to move freely.
Message delivery is not compromised in noisy environments
Large audiences can easily be heard by people who are far away from the speaker

3. Tours (walking tours/museum visits / bus tours/bike or Segway tours)
Tourists have an increased range of motion and are more focused on enjoying the tour
Guides are always in audio contact with group members for increased safety
Interference-free communication, ensuring real-time and clear reception of information in all situations

Support two tour guides

TT106 tour guide sound system supports two transmitters working in the same group, visitors can hear the sound of two transmitters, it is suitable for larger tour groups or activities that require two speakers.

features of retekess tt106 wireless tour guide-system                                 retekess-tt106-tour-guide-audio-system-support-AUX-input                                      retekess tt106 tour guide system with mute function

Dedicated AUX jack

In addition to the MIC jack, the wireless transmitter has 1 separate AUX jack, you can use it to connect your computer, cell phone, mp3, and other audio devices to play music or other voice files.

Tour guide sound system with mute function

After pressing the mute button of the transmitter, even if the speaker is still speaking, the receiver can't hear his voice. For example, if a phone call suddenly comes in the middle of a guided tour, or the interpreter sneezes, these sounds will not be transmitted to the listener.

On-ear receiver

On-ear receiver is lightweight and comfortable, because it does not require additional headphones to be plugged in for listening. It does not need to be inserted into the ear and is clean and hygienic. The receiver has a volume adjustment button, so listeners can freely adjust the volume they prefer.

Automatic pairing

Wireless tour guide audio system can achieve automatic channel synchronization between transmitter and all receivers within 15 seconds. You don't need to adjust the receiver's channels one by one to make them the same as the transmitter, which saves you time.

Long Range tour guide sound system

TT106 tour guide systems has a communication range of up to 150 m/492 ft. Listeners can clearly hear the speaker within 492 ft. of the transmitter. Ideal for indoor or outdoor activities with a large range of activities, such as Segway tours.

Large battery capacity

Transmitter built-in 1300mAh rechargeable lithium battery, 3h fully charged, can be used for 25 h. Receiver built-in 380mAh rechargeable lithium battery, 2h fully charged, can be used for 23 h battery. Short charging time, long usage time.

Portable charging storage case

The 64-port charging case is made of aluminum alloy, which is durable, fireproof, moisture-proof, dustproof, and has a simple and beautiful appearance. You can use it to easily charge up to 64 devices at the same time. It can also be used as an organizer, the lanyard, microphone, and other accessories can all be put inside, with a portable handle, a person can easily carry a whole set of tour guide systems.

64 Ports Charging Case                                    64-port durable charging case                                 durable charging storage case


Multiple usage modes

multiple use modes of tt106 tour guide sound system

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TT106 Wireless Transmitter TT106 Wireless Receiver
Frequency Range 2400~2483MHz Frequency Range 2400~2483MHz
ID Number 9999 ID Number 9999
Supply Voltage DC3.7V Supply Voltage DC3.7V
Transmitting power <=50mW TIS -90dBm
Frequency stability ±0.001 Frequency stability ±0.001
SNR 80dB SNR 80dB
Size 97*63*18mm Size 65*58*11mm
Weight 70g Weight 18g
Charge time 3H Charge time 2H
Working time 25H Working time 23H
Battery specification 3.7V/1300mA Battery Specification 3.7V/380mA
Charge Jack MINI USB Charge Jack MINI USB
Modulation frequency deviation ±320KHz Modulation frequency deviation ±320KHz
Working current 62mA Working current 15mA
Communication range 150m (open air) Standby current 1mA
Charging voltage DC5V Charging current 320mA
Communication range 150m (open air)
Charging voltage DC5V


lInput AC110-220V, 50/60Hz

lOutput: DC 5V7A

lSize: 575 x290 x 140mm

lWeight: 4220g


Package Includes:


4 Retekess TT106 Transmitter with Mic

60 Retekess TT106 Receiver with earpiece

64 slot charging case

 Charging cable



Q: How many pieces of receivers can i use in one group?

A: It max support 9999 channels

Q: Can i use 2 pieces of transmitters in one group?

A: Yes, you can. All the receivers will get 2 transmitters' signals at the same time.

Q: How long can i use the transmitter and receivers?

A: The transmitters use a 1300mAh battery, it can work 25 hours once you charge fully.

and receives use 300mAh battery, can work up to 20 hours.

Q: Can i use the wireless tour guide system in my country?

A: There system adopts 2.4G technology, it is free in the whole world. Of course, you can use it.

Q: Can i buy another type charging box for it?

A: Yes, we also have 32 ports, you can contact us to get the price.

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