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Retekess TT124 Two-way Tour Guide System Receiver for Factory Tours and Training

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This receiver needs to be combined with TT124 transmitter

Supports switching between one-way and two-way modes

UHF frequency transmission with high interference resistance

Transmits over 200 meters in open areas

Simple to use and easy to operate

13 channels

Two-way communication and one-way explanation can be switched

TT124 two-way tour guide system can meet both the scenario of one-way explanation by tour guide to visitors and the demand of two-way communication by group. The presenter and visitors can interact in real time during factory tours or tours.

Long-range communication

The receiver can clearly receive the signal within 200 meters from the transmitter, with strong obstacle bypassing capability and first-class penetration through concrete and brick walls. If you have a large group, or if your visitors are widely distributed, you can use it without worrying that people farther away from you will not hear you.

No limit to the number of receivers

As your business grows, the number of team members may increase, then you can purchase additional receivers as needed, and these additional receivers and your transmitter can work together.

Lightweight and pocket-sized

Weighing 72 grams, the receivers are easy to carry and comfortable to wear. Listeners can use the included lanyard to hang the receiver around their neck, freeing up their hands and preventing the receiver from falling out.

Long standby time

The receiver has a built-in 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery that can be used continuously for 12 hours after a full charge. This means that even if your event lasts all day, you don't have to worry about the battery running out.

Factory tours, group tours, training and teaching, conference translation, church translation, museum interpretation, etc.

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TT124 receiver(vice transmitter):

frequency Range:863.0.0MHz-865.0MHz & 823.0.0MHz-832.0MHz
hannel Number:13CH
Supply Voltage:3.0-5.0VDC

Power supply : 2500mA 
Audio Input:3.5mm line
Oscillator:All digital
Frequency Response:20Hz-16KHz
Image Rejection:>80dB
Image& Spurious Rejection :>75dB
Channel Spacing:1MHz
Receiver Sensitivity:-100dBm(Typical)
Working currency:50mA
Furthest Distance:280Meter

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