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Retekess TT124 Wireless 2-way Communication System Transmitter

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This transmitter needs to be combined with the TT124 receiver

With both one-way transmission and two-way interaction modes

Free volume adjustment of the transmitter

High fidelity sound quality with crystal clear sound

Transmission distance up to 200 meters or more

Support key lock function

13 channels

TT124 wireless 2-way communication system has 13 channels, you can create 13 groups in the same area and work together, these groups will not interfere with each other or crosstalk.

Large capacity battery

The transmitter can work continuously for 7 hours when fully charged, which is enough for most scenarios. In addition, TT124 wireless 2-way AC system supports both USB charging and charging case, USB cable as an accessory does not need to be purchased extra, if you need a charging case, please contact us.

Add Receiver

One transmitter can be used with numerous receivers, you can add as many receivers as needed if the team expands or the receiver is lost.

Long Distance Transmission

The TT124 portable transmitter has a transmission distance of 200 meters or more, and it has a good ability to penetrate obstacles, so the audience can easily receive the narrator's voice within 200 meters from the transmitter.

Easy to operate

Whether the transmitter and receiver are paired, or the receiver speaks, it is very simple and convenient. No experience is required to use it, and it doesn't take a lot of time to understand.

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Main Transmitter:

Frequency Range:863.0.0MHz-865.0MHz & 823.0.0MHz-832.0MHz
Channel Number:13CH
Transmitter Power: 18dBm
Supply Voltage:3.0-5.0VDC
Audio Input:3.5mm line 
Oscillator:All digital
Frequency Response:20Hz-16KHz
Image Rejection:>80dB
Image& Spurious Rejection :>75dB
hannel Spacing:1MHz
Separation: 75dB(Typical)
Working currency: 80mA(18dBm)
Furthest Distance:200Meter

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