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Almost all of the standard orders are shipped within 1-2 business days. The special orders for some customized products will take a little longer time, the specific time can be confirmed with our sales expert.

  • Shipping Method:

    Standard Shipping: 15-25 business days
    Expedited Shipping: 4-9 business days
    EU Customs Free Channel: 8-15 business days

    If the products that you purchased are available in our local warehouses, we will ship them from there and it takes about 3-6 business days for delivery as usual.

  • Shipping Fee:

    The specific shipping costs are also inconsistent as a result of the product weight, policies in different countries, etc. You can find out the specific cost through the following steps:

    Select the product you are interested in-Buy it now - Add and save your address, and click Continue-It will show the shipping options and corresponding fee.

    Note: If your address belongs to a remote area, you will need to pay a relevant fee.

  • Change Shipping Address:

    Please contact us with the new shipping address before your order is shipped out if needed. Once the order is en route, we will not be able to change the address for you. For this case, you have to contact your local logistics company to find a solution.

    Retekess delivers products worldwide, and we hope that more and more companies around the world will benefit from our wireless communication products.