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Retekess T126 UHF Tour Guide System 32 Channels Infrared Automatic Paired for Translation

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Retekess T126 32 channels wireless tour guide system UHF transmitter with microphone adopt wireless infrared pairing technology,stable signal and clear sound, ideal for simultaneous interpretation;Battery: 2 AA1.5V alkaline batteries or 2 AA rechargeable battery for about 8 hours of continuous use; 100-150 meters range


Retekess T126 UHF Tour Guide System Transmitter

It is use PLL technology to pair the receivers. It can reach 100-150 meters in open area.


Gain antenna

As the T126 transmitter has a long 100-150 meters range, the guide can talk into a microphone without having to shout,which is suitable for communicate to a university class on a field trip.

Overcome background noise

Only 243g and 105 cm in height. The mini is built with the most compact wireless technology, so you'll forget you're wearing it.

Clear Crisp Sound

The volume is very easy to adjust  by using the knob on the top. The sound is cristal clear, you won't be disappoint about it.(Depending on battery quality).


IR Pairing

Convenient use;no need complicated hand pairing;just need long pressing the set key, and the receiver will start to sweep the RF point; then put the transmitter IR facing the IR emission window of the receiver, and the receiver will match the same channel automatic.

32 Channel Support

UHF Receiver support 32 channels switch; so it can reduce signal interference effectively; also you can fixed one channel to avoid mistakes to capture more stable signal

Flexible Antenna

The antenna can be bent for 360 degree; well elasticity ability; rubber material for durable use;

Also there is On/Off power button design; you can turn off the receiver freely; no need to worry about the battery power loss; easy operation

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Frequency: 500-980MHz (custom frequency range is available)

Channel: 32 (you could custom 96 channels if needed)

Band width: 12MHz

Oscillation: PLL synthesized 

Channel resolution: 400K

Stability: ±0.005% 0℃-50℃ 

RF radiation: 10mw(H), 6mw(L)

Deviation range: ±50KHz 

Frequency response: 50Hz – 15 KHz ± 3dB

AF input: Φ3.5mm 

jack Power: 2pcs 1.5V AA batteries

Rated power: 130mA

Continuous working time: 8 hours around (by middle volume controlled)

Dimension: 90(L)*63(W)*22(H) mm, 

antenna: 82mm

Wight: 95G 

  • Easy to set up; UHF microphone wireless transmitter adopts advanced IR pairing tech; no need complicated hand operation for pairing

  • Output power adjustment; support 5mW or 10mW setting; you can set low power 5mW for short distance to save battery power; 10mW can be set for long distance to get clear and clear and crisp voice

  • Channel set and lock; wireless tour guide support 32 channel switch; so crackle and static can be prevented effectively; also you can lock a channel to avoid human error operations; so the transmission signal can be more stable

  • Voltage adjustment; UHF transmitter is powered by 2 AA battery; Note battery is not included in the package; battery voltage adjustment for 1.2V or 1.5V; and 1.2V works for rechargeable battery type; 1.5V for Alkaline battery for long battery life

  • Long transmission distance; wireless tour guide adopts UHF frequency; and the maximum linear distance with receiver can be 100-150m in unobstructed outdoor conditions; so can be a good choice for church sanctuary; ministry with schools; training room use

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