Retekess TA004 Silent Disco Headphones for Parties or Classes

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Silent Disco headphone with stereo and Hi-Fi Sound Quality

3 channels with 3 different color LED lights

Rechargeable and last 6-8 hours for continuous use with fully charged

Range up to 200m

Retekess TA003 wireless transmitter and TA004 wireless headphones are designed for silent events. Over-the-ear headphone design to prevent environmental noise interference, and the foldable earmuffs and adjustable headband provide comfort for long time use, plus the long working time and large LED lights on both sides, make the headphones are ideal for dance parties at night, weddings, outdoor movies, boat parties, fitness and Yoga classes, tours and many other outdoor events.

TA004 Silent Disco Headphone Features

Stereo and HiFi Sound Quality

We are well aware of the requirements of music lovers for sound quality. The headphone adopts UHF frequency, double PLL system for ultimate frequency stability, built-in Advanced 40mm speaker for outstanding sound performance.

3 Channels with 3 Colored LED lights Headphone

With Retekess TA004 headphones for silent parties, you can switch among three different DJ music at will! The colored LED lights let you know which music your friends are listening to. It’s not only fun to be a part of, but exciting to watch and listen to everyone as they dance and sing together.

Comfortable Headphone for Long Time Wear

Headband is adjustable according to head size, and the foldable earmuffs is soft. No problem for young and old to use. Soft leatherette ear cushions and adjustable headband make it extremely comfortable to listen to entertainment even if you wear it for a long time.

Rechargeable and Long Working Time

The headphone built-in 600mAh rechargeable battery, it takes about 3-4 hours for charging and then able to be continually working last 6-8 hours. Headphones are easy to be charged with micro charging cables.

Long Working Range

The distance between transmitter and headphone receiver could be up to 100m. If the transmitter is powered by a directly connecting power source at high output power, the range up to 200m with stable signal in the open area.

Volume Control on Headphone

There is a simple button on the headphone to adjust the volume, You are in control of volume to reduce sensory sensitivity.

Connect External Speaker

The headphone mic designed with a 3.5mm connection to connect an external speaker for audio output when it is needed for events or classes.

If the headphone does not connect with a transmitter, it could also be used as a normal wired headphone with a 3.5mm aux line.

Each transmitter can add countless headphone receivers, any combination quantity is acceptable from Retekess.  

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TA003 Wireless Transmitter Specifications


European Market: 863.3MHz/863.9MHz/864.9MHz

American Market: 923.8MHz/924.5MHz/925.6MHz

Channel number: 3CH

RF power: 29 dBm (high) / 10 dBm (low)

Supply voltage: 9 V DC / 3.7V DC (Li-ion battery)

Battery capacity: 1000mAh

Charging time full : 3-3.5H

Antenna gain: 5dBi

Working temperature: -20° C ~ +50 ° C

Dimensions: 109 (W) x 89 (H) x 27 (D) mm

Net weight: 227.7g ( include antenna )

TA004 Silent Disco Headphone Specifications

Frequency range: 

European Market: 863.3MHz/863.9MHz/864.9MHz

American Market: 923.8MHz/924.5MHz/925.6MHz

Channel number: 3CH

Working Voltage: 3.7V DC

Working Current: 75±5mA

Receive Sensitivity : 10dBuVemf

Receive Response: 60~15000HZ

Audio output Max Power: ≥2200mVp-p

Distortion : <2%

Time of charging full: 2-3h

Built-in Battery: 600mAh

Audio Mode: Stereo

Dimensions: 215 (W) x 155 (H) x 80(D) mm

Net weight: 243g

Q: Can I transmit 3 channels at the same time and guests can select what they want?

A: Yes, you can. You just need to purchase 3 TA003 transmitters and set them in different channels, then guests can choose from the 3 channels on their headphones.

Q: Can I simply add more headphones on the same channels?

A: Yes, each silent sound system transmitter will work with any number of headphones. 

Q: Can I use a wireless mic with the Transmitter?

A: Yes, please check Retekess TT123 Wireless Mic

Q: What's the package include for one TA003 transmitter?

A: The standard package includes

1 x Transmitter

1 x Antenna

1 x Adapter

1 x male 1/8" to male 1/8" cable

1 x male RCA to female 1/8" cable

1 x User Manual

Q: What's the package include for one TA004 silent disco headphone?

A: 1 x Headphone receiver

1 x USB charging cable

1 x User Manual

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