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Retekess TC104 UHF Wireless Microphones System with 4 Handheld Mics 4x50 Channels for Singing, Church and Conference

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Excellent and stable wireless transmission: 4×50 frequency channels.

Auto-Tuning: Automatic Frequency Search and ACT Function.

Complete Interfaces: 4×XLR Interfaces + 6.35mm Audio Mixer Output Port.

All-metal casing, sturdy and durable.

Package list:

1x TC104 receiver,

4x TC104 wireless microphones,

1x adapter(EU/US/UK optional),

1x user manual

TC104 UHF wireless microphone system is an essential tool for enhancing audio quality and facilitating seamless communication during events like church services, parties, and conferences.


4 x 50 channels

Church microphones with 50 channels significantly reduce the likelihood of interference during events. In churches, where a pastor, worship leader, or choir member may be using multiple microphones at once, having multiple channels ensures that everyone's voice is transmitted clearly without unwanted interference. Similarly, at gatherings and conferences where multiple presenters or performers require wireless microphones, a wide range of frequency options allows organizers to assign different channels to avoid signal clashes and maintain high-quality sound transmission.

High Sound Quality

The 4-channel wireless microphone utilizes a moving coil hi-fi speaker to ensure excellent sound quality. In party settings, it ensures clear, rich sound reproduction that engages the audience and enhances the meeting or karaoke experience.

4 XLR connectors & 6.35mm connector

The presence of multiple connectors, such as 4 XLR and 6.35mm connectors, adds to the versatility of the wireless microphone system, helping to easily connect to a variety of output devices such as TVs and audio systems. In churches, this feature allows for seamless integration with PA systems, amplifiers, or recording devices, ensuring that audio distribution is optimized throughout the worship space. At a party or conference, a DJ or presenter can connect the wireless mic system to a professional sound system to create a more immersive and engaging atmosphere.

Automatic Adjustment

Wireless handheld microphones have an Auto Frequency Search and ACT feature that identifies available frequencies that are not occupied by other wireless devices, helping you to automatically search for the right frequency and lock on to it, simplifying the frequency setting process. This feature allows event organizers to quickly find the optimal frequency point, thus improving the efficiency of event preparation.

Metal casing

The rugged all-metal construction of Handheld microphone wireless systems enhances its durability and resistance to drops and shocks, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring reliable performance throughout the event. Its rugged construction ensures uninterrupted operation, even in dynamic environments such as parties and conferences that are prone to accidental drops or movement.

Communication range

Our wireless microphones have an operating range of up to 76m/250ft, which means that a preacher, pastor, or worship leader can move freely around the stage or sanctuary without disconnecting from the receiver.


Other features of handheld wireless microphones 

Auto pairing: The church microphone automatically pairs with the receiver when it is turned on, making it very easy to use, even for novices.

Auto mute: When the Handheld mic is put down, it automatically hibernates and mutes itself. This feature prevents accidental sound interference when the pastor needs to pause temporarily during a sermon.

Noise filtering: The Wireless microphone only picks up sound sources directly in front of the microphone to filter out noise and improve the clarity of your speech, presentation, or performance.

Multi-function screen: The microphone displays real-time information on signal strength, audio dynamics, battery level, volume level, and operating frequency, allowing the user to easily monitor and adjust microphone settings.

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TC104 Wireless Microphone System Specifications

UHF Frequency Range


Rated Voltage

DC 12V

Sampling Ratio


Transmission Rate


Signal-to-Noise Ratio(SNR)

>96 dB

Dynamic Range


Frequency Response

30 ~ 20 Khz

Delay Time of Audio Transmission


Total Harmonic Distortion

< 0.1%

RX Sensitivity

< -94dBm

Unique ID Address


Maximum Distortion Level


The received host power


Wireless microphone transmission power


Adapter technical specifications




 12V/ 1000mA

Package includes:
1x TC104receiver
4x TC104Wireless microphones
1x Adaptor (EU/US/UK optional)
1x User manual

Q: Are wireless microphones susceptible to interference?
A: Wireless microphone systems can sometimes suffer from interference from other devices operating on similar frequencies. However, our church wireless microphone systems offer a choice of 4 x 50 channels and it automatically searches for the most appropriate channel, allowing you to switch to a clearer frequency in the event of interference.

Q: How does a wireless microphone system work?
A: A wireless microphone system consists of two main components: a wireless transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter, typically held by the user, captures and converts audio signals into radio waves. These waves are then transmitted wirelessly to the receiver, connected to a sound system or mixer, which converts them back into audible sound.

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