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Retekess TD006 Table Call Button for Restaurant Paging System

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Retekess TD006 Table Paging System with stable signal and long range 

Ideal for restaurants, bars, cafe shops, SPA, etc

Made of ABS material for durable use; IPX3 waterproof; Built-in 12V/23A battery

Work out of the box after pairing it with receivers

Each table button comes with two pcs of acrylic plates for adding your own logo,

table number, or anything else you want to show to your customers or staffs

Retekess TD006 WirelesTable Call Button

wireless table call button.jpg

The call button is compatible with Retekess watch receivers and host display receivers

Four keys to meet the needs of a variety of industries

Waterproof and Non-slip Design

Each pager comes with two pieces of transparent acrylic plates

You can put it on the table directly, If customers need service, they can press to call. The servicer will get the signal and go to serve

Restaurant Paging System

The signal range covers 200m/1640ft in an open area

2 Pcs acrylic plate for each black pager

Call Buttons

4-key Buttons, water, cancel, call, bill

Easy to fix the advertising paper in the middle of two plates by the magnet on the transparent plate

Restaurant Calling System

Applied to Restaurant, Nursing Home, Cafes, Supermarkets, Hotel, Hospital Wards, Emergency Center, Banks, Schools, Factories, Construction Sites

Help You Improve Quality of Service

Kindly note:

This is a wireless table call button, you need to use a wristwatch pager, host receiver


table call button with wrist pager CALL BUTTON .jpg


wireless calling system application pagers.jpg


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RF frequency: 433MHz

Modulation Mode: ASK (AM)

Material: ABS

Power: 12V/23A battery (included)

Working current: 18mA

Standby current:<1uA

Waterproof: IPX3

Size: 112 x 72 x 49mm

Transparent acrylic plates:158*100mm


5/10/20/30/50 x Call Buttons (quantity optional)

Each button equipped with 2 Plastic boards

Q: Is it possible to purchase 10 black table pagers and pair all 10 to 1 watch receiver (T128) and 1 screen receiver (T114) simultaneously?

A: Yes, you are able to pair all 10 call buttons to 1 watch receiver and one display

Q: I think I may have missed two of the acrylic boards...may have accidentally thrown it out with the box. Am I able to purchase these on their


A: Yes, you can purchase these on your own. Feel free to email us at

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