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Retekess TD034 Customer Service Comment Button Paging System for Restaurant

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4 smiley face systems to collect customer feedback

Press the unacceptable button, and the staff will deal with it in time

Scratch-resistant tempered glass panel, wear-resistant, and easy to clean

Dual battery power supply to maintain long battery life

Size: 70*70*16mm/2.76*2.76*0.63inch

The Problems of Restaurants or Other Service Places are facing:

Don't know what device to use to collect customer reviews? Not sure which evaluator to use? Let's take a look at the new TD034 service comment button of Retekess

Features of TD034 Service Comment Button

With the host computer software, data can be collected accurately at any time

It can be used with a watch receiver, and the on-duty staff can deal with bad reviews as soon as possible to speed up the response

The evaluation button has 4 emoticons, which are convenient for customers to view

Touch buttons, easy to operate, with anti-mistouch function

Usage in Field Service Evaluation Management

In the operation of catering stores, the dining experience of customers is an important basis for improving the quality of dishes and service levels. It is also closely related to store traffic, satisfaction, and repurchase rate, and even has a profound impact on store profitability and brand development. Therefore, it is very important to collect evaluations on restaurant satisfaction, service, new drinks, and tastes of dishes. When there are bad reviews, the manager can deal with them immediately and optimize customer service. It is also a means of supervising employee services and can be expanded. To banking, finance, hotel, institutional service industry.

1- Overall satisfaction with restaurant services
2- Taste and quality of dishes and drinks
3- The service attitude of the service staff
4-Environment and food sanitation

Operators can evaluate and manage the needs most concerned about on-site customer consumption in a targeted manner to improve customer satisfaction


Must be used with a watch or PC receiver. Only the button transmitter cannot form a paging system and cannot be used alone.


Restaurants, baths, hotels, resorts, supermarkets and other places that provide comprehensive services

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TD034 Service Comment Button

Operating frequency 433MHz
Wireless coding 1527
Operating voltage DC12V (battery 23A12V)
Indicator light red
Range 80m/262ft (open area)
Size 70*70*16mm/2.76*2.76*0.63inch
Key Name 4 buttons-Perfect, Good, Average, Poor
Color options White

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