TD101 Wireless Queue Calling System Loud Speaker

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Simple and easy to use, the sound is clearer, the dual speakers have their own sound boards, and support any 3.5mm jack headphones or devices to be plugged in

A variety of optional voices can be set to call 1-99 times

Quick cycle time setting - no worries about missed calls

TD101 Dual Speaker Wireless Queue Call System

It can be placed on a table or hung on the wall

Numbers on the screen can flip according to gravity

Transmission distance: about 100m/328ft in open area; 30-50m/100-165ft obstacle course

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Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

Long Range Between Button Transmitter and Number Display Speakers

Receiver Caller with Double Loudspeaker

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Connected with Audio Available

Audio interface on the side of Wireless Paging System, support any 3.5mm jack sound or device to plug, meeting your multiple needs

Volume Adjustment

Easy to set volume by sliding volume UP or DOWN knob, when the screen of Server Pager shows standby mode

Double Loudspeaker, Clearer Voice

Structure upgrade, equipped double loudspeaker soundbox, louder voices, good sound quality, and a wider range

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Less Signal Interference

Transmitter button and speaker adopt higher working frequency; reduce signal interference effectively, more stable signal; lightweight; also has G-Sensor function function

More Durable Transmitter Button

The one-piece keyboard is waterproof and oil-resistant than traditional keyboard which has no button gap and avoids be corroded; 15 keys with set and clearance keys, easy to operate, faster setting

Various Place Methods

Can stand on the table, can be inverted; 4 suspension groove design, can be fixed on the wall with steel wire, save space

  • Double Loudspeaker Design, more clear voice

  • Larger LCD Display easier to read even at a distance

  • High Working Frequency more stable signal

  • Multiple Voice Optional can set 1-99 Times Calling

  • Prompt Cycling Time Setting no worry about miss the calling

  • Support Any 3.5mm Jack audio or device suitable for various occasions

  • IP34 IP Rating and Volume Adjustment, 3 Digits Display

  • Light Weight Only 91g net weight for keypad pager

  • Compact Design 130x87x23mm, will not take much space at a restaurant or clinic front desk

8 Voice Types Available

1. XXX Please take the meal

2. XXX Please having a meal

3. XXX Please transact business

4. XXX Please go to the doctor

5. XXX Please come to the counter

6. XXX please come in

7. XXX Please prepare

8. XXX Please

Can Be Used in Various Occasions

The wireless calling transmitter can send 999 different signals by combination from digit 0 ~9. It adopts the latest RF technology and digital identification technology, which makes the products stable and high performance, as well as make the system very easy to know which one is in need of service. The wireless calling system is widely Used in 4S Auto Store, Bank, Factory, Warehouse, Shopping Mall, Recreation Center, Restaurant, Cafes, Food Court, Clinic, Church, Test Center, Hospital, Fast Food, Shop, Shopping Mall, Kitchen Call, Super Markets, Bars, KTV, Banks, Factories, Service Centers, Nursing Home, etc. to heighten the work efficiency greatly


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Keypad Transmitter



Nixie Tube

0.56 inch*4

IP Rating


RF Power


Net Weight


Power Supply

DC 9V/1A


433MHz(amplitude modulation)

Dimensions of product


Material of Product

ABS Quality Environmentally friendly ABS

Voice Pager



Main Power

AC220V/DC12V 2A


8Ω 20W


433MHz(amplitude modulation)

Color of Product

Matte black

Dimensions of Product


Material of Product

ABS/ Quality Environmentally friendly ABS

Package Includes:

1 x Keypad Transmitter

1 x Voice Speaker

2 x Power Adapter

1 x User Manual

Q: Can I use 2 keypads with one speaker?

A: Yes, you can use several keypads in this system.

Q: What's the working range of TD101 wireless queue calling system? 

A: Transmission distance: about 100m/328ft in open area; 30-50m/100-165ft in obstacle field.

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