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Retekess Waterproof Waiter Paging System TD112 Watch Pagers TD032 Call Buttons for Restaurant, Coffee Shop, and Hotel

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IPX7 level waterproof for TD112 pager watch

Fast charging, fully charged in 3 hours

Customizable keys, set the keys' names to suit your needs

IP55 waterproof design to prevent oil and water invasion

80M outdoors effective call distance - long distance, able to cover a variety of usage scenarios

1/2/3/4 serialized buttons, which can meet the needs of multiple scenarios

Use in humid environments, suitable for restaurants, bars, hot pots, etc

Retekess Waterproof Waiter Calling System TD112 Pager Watch & TD032 Call Button Suitable for Swimming Pool, Bars, Club, and Other Humid Environment

Key Features of TD112 Pager Watch:

IPX7 Waterproof

Waiters wearing watches to wash hands, vegetables, and dishes, and do other cleanings

Customize Key Name

Customizable key value, customize the suitable key value according to your business.

PC Software Operation

Use the PC software to set watch pagers;

Using the PC software to call watch pagers; Must be used with the TD030 USB transmitter (Not included)

Set Watch ID and User Name

Set watch ID and employee name; Easily manage staff on PC software,the name ID could be set from 001-999, the name could be set with A~Z, a~z and space, the name up to 10 characters.

2 Prompt Modes

Vibration+ display; and the other is display only

7 Languages Optional

Language setting: 7 built-in languages, Chinese, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, and German, users can choose a suitable language according to their needs.

Rechargeable Battery, Standby for 48-72 Hours

Set Time, Alerm,Switch

Clock set: you can set the real-time time and date.

You can set 2 sets of alarms, the alarms are still valid in the off state, and you can be reminded to do something at regular intervals.

Timer on/off time can be set to avoid wasting electricity by forgetting to turn off the phone after using it.

Alert mode can change the vibration time and alert time, set according to the demand, no beep sound nd, and create a quiet atmosphere.

TD112 watch can be used with TD034 customer service comment button, and the on-duty staff can deal with bad reviews as soon as possible to speed up the response.

Features of TD032 Call Buttons

IP55 Waterproof

Only supports water flushing, not soaking in water

80M Outdoor Effective Call Distance

Compair to T117, another model of Retekess call button, TD032 can transmitter the siganl up to 80 meters

Two Ways to Place

Lanyard for hanging; Stickers that can be stuck on the table

Customized Service

Offer customized service, minimum batch of 200 buttons. If you need, please contact us at


Retekess Waterproof Waiter Paging System application

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TD112 Staff Paging System Pager Watch TD032 Waterproof Call Button Silicone Pad

Communication frequency


Working frequency 433MHz AM

Reception sensitivity


Coding method EV1527

Battery Capacity


Transmission power 0.05W

Prompt Length


Sensitivity 19db

Number of Stored Messages


Indicator light Red

Standby Time


Press keys 1/2/3/4 independent physical keys



Battery 23A 12V

Display Screen


Working voltage 12V

Shell material


Waterproof IP55



Transmission distance  > 80m (visible in open space)

Q: What craft is the logo? After a period of use, whether the logo wears out and the words are not visible?

A: Screen printing process, there is a curing agent so that no need to worry logo being worn out.

Q: What is the charging time of the watch pager?

A: Our door is equipped with a fast special charging clip, full in just 3 hours.

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