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Retekess TD136 Service Calling Display Receiver with TD019 Black Wireless Call Button

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Retekess TD136 Service Calling Display Receiver with TD019 Call Button is widely used in hotels, restaurants, clubs, etc. Provide customers with quick access to services and improve customer satisfaction.

Retekess TD136 display receiver for service calling system with TD019 wireless call buttons can very popular in restaurants, clubs, coffees, hotels, etc. It not only helps employees improve efficiency and serve more customers. It can also optimize customer experience and provide customers with channels to quickly obtain services, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

TD136 display receiver

It can display 3 groups of calling numbers at the same time, distinguish the calling sequence, avoid missing any information, and make it more convenient to use.
Can be used for about 4-5 hours when it is fully charged, and it can be used normally even if it cannot be placed where it is convenient to access the power source.
Support English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and other six broadcast languages are available to choose from to meet your different needs.

TD019 Call Button

Each button is equipped with double-sided tape for easy installation. Equipped with silicone shell and lanyard to meet the needs of different scenarios.
Can meet the needs for long distances, and the open area has a range of up to 60m. Stable signal so that you will not miss the needs of customers.

TD136 Service Calling Display Receiver Usage

The receiver must be paired with the call button, when the guest needs service, ordering, or check out press the button corresponding to the pager on the table, then the receiver at the service counter displays the table number, and the waiter can go forward to provide the corresponding service after receiving the call.

Advantages of TD136 Service Calling Display Receiver

Menu setting with voice prompts, simple and convenient operation

Can be set up individually 1 group / 2 groups / 3 groups of the same screen display

9 call modes can be selected at will

2W speaker, clear voice, and loud voice

You can choose to set the number of call voice annunciation

Support 6 countries English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Russian voice broadcast

One caller can be used for multiple receivers

TD136 Service Calling Display Receiver with TD019 call button solves the problem

Receive and display customer call information, broadcast and display call records to avoid missing

Optimize service environment and customer order management to improve service quality

Can realize humanized service and management

Simplify workflow, save labor cost and improve work efficiency

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TD136 Display Receiver Specification:







Rx Frequency


Standby time


Built-in battery


Built-in battery for continuous working hours


Power Adapter

INPUT:100-240V~50/60Hz 0.5A MAX OUTPUT:DC12V 1A

Package Includes:


Adapter ×1

Manual ×1

TD019 Call Button Specification:

  1. RF frequency: 433.92MHz
  2. Modulation mode: ASK
  3. Power: 3V/600mAh/CR2450 button lithium manganese dioxide battery (included)
  4. Transmit power: 13dbm
  5. Standby power: <1uA
  6. Coding mode: EV1527
  7. Rate: 3.3k
  8. Working current: <15mA
  9. Product size: φ55mm, H=18mm



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