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Retekess TD173 Paging Service System

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Acrylic panel touch screen, sensitive keys, comfortable to use

The body is made of PC + ABS environmental protection material

Strong and wear-resistant

Support multiple launch keyboards to call the same pager

Keyboard has 2 modes: Mute and Beep

Pagers have 3 modes: Beep, Vibration and LED Flash

Note: Please use the product on the table which be made of wood, plastic, glass and other materials, and avoid the table top of metal and marble.

Retekess TD173 Paging Service System, a combination set equipped with 20 pagers, strong and wear-resistant, stable performance is a strong overall strength of the product. It is suitable for use in many scenes requiring queuing, such as catering, medical, entertainment, and service.

Acrylic touch panel, sturdy and wear-resistant

The Pager System is made of PC + ABS environmental protection material, strong, and wear-resistant. Touch keys part of the panel using acrylic material, feel comfortable, sensitive keys. And each touch key success will have a vibration prompt. 3-bit LED digital tube display, clear and durable, you can call the number 998.

Support multiple transmitting keyboards to call the same pager

The Service Pager System supports different keyboard transmitters to call the same pager after successful pairing. if you distribute pagers and recovery pagers are not in the same location. You can set the call keyboard ID number first, and then pair the pagers with different transmitters to achieve a unified pager call from different areas.

Pagers can achieve a one-touch reset

TD173's pagers have a one-touch reset function. When the transmitter keyboard calls pagers, pagers will be reminded in accordance with the set reminder mode, then, in addition, to put the pagers back into the charging slot, you can also directly press the reset button on the pagers to stop the reminder.

Multiple call modes can be combined at will

It has three alert modes: beep/light/vibration. You can choose one of them as the pagers' reminder mode, of course, you can also choose any two or three stacked reminder modes. If the pagers are in the non-silent mode, they will sound a "tick" when you remove them from the charging slot to remind you.

Easy to use

The Pager System supports a one-touch shutdown function, wireless code matching function, as well as charging reminder and full charge reminder. It is easy to operate and convenient to use.

Support for setting the ringing time

You can choose the reminder length of pagers through the mode setting in the "1-999 seconds" clock.

Support call inquiry function

Press the "H" inquiry key of TD173 to check the last 10 paging records.

Comparison of common features of TD173 and T112 Pager System:



Acrylic touch screen control panel

Digital buttons

Beep/light/vibration three kinds of call mode can be used alone can also be two or three ways any combination, reminder mode can be set to mute

Vibration + LED flash, buzzer + LED flash vibration + buzzer + LED flash 3 kinds of reminder mode selection

The mute button is set in a prominent position on the pager

There is also a mute button, set on the side of the pager

You can order a LOGO placed behind a transparent acrylic plate, compared with the T112, pager display logo larger area

You can order a LOGO to be placed behind a transparent acrylic plate

Transmission distance can reach more than 500m in an open environment

Transmission distance can reach more than 500m in an open environment

You can set the length of the pagers' prompts

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TD173 Pager

TD173 Transmitter





Working Frequency


Power Input


Stand-by Current


Working Frequency


Stand-by Time


Keyboard Method


Reception Sensitivity


Modulation Method



DC 3.7V/200mAh

Maximum Number of Receptions Supported

998 (20pcs/set)

Reminder Method








Package Details:

Transmitting keyboard (charging base) X 1

pager X 20

5-country manual X 1

charger X 1

packing box X 1

antenna X 1

Q: What is the biggest difference between Retekess TD173 and T112?

A: Retekess TD173 and T112 are both very good pager systems in terms of overall strength, and there are two major differences between them. The first is that the TD173 is a touch button, while the T112 is a traditional push button. The second is that TD173 has more combinations of reminder modes and can set the reminder duration, while T112 has only three reminder modes.

Q: What is the transmission distance of the TD173 Pager System?

A: TD173 Service Paging System can reach over 500m in an open environment.

Q: Can I customize my logo? Where will they be displayed?

A: The clear acrylic panel of Pagers can be removed, so you can change your logo or other content as many times as you want. Of course, you can also contact us to order for you, so that when you receive the Pager System, it has been replaced with your unique logo.

Q: Can I call the same pager with multiple transmitter keypads?

A: Yes, you can. If you need to distribute pagers in one area and retrieve them in another area, you can use different transmitter keypads to call the same pager.

Q: What is the maximum number of pagers that can be used with 1 transmitter keyboard?

A:1 transmitter keyboard can be used with 998 pagers.

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