Retekess TT013 Storage Box for TT110 Tour Guide System

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Retekess TT013 carrying and storage box

Compatible with TT110 tour guide system

Durable and easy to store and carry

Retekess TT110 Tour Guide System Case Storage Box Key Features

TT013 case storage box can store 32 pcs of TT110 wireless transmitter and receivers

The inner lining adopts a fit design to ensure that the product will not shake during carrying

The material is strong and sturdy, which can well protect the products inside

The sharp corners of the box are protected by metal, which greatly improves the reliability and durability of the product.

Applicable if other product sizes are appropriate.

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Retekess TT013 Case Storage Box Specification

32 slots

Material: aluminum box

Size: 465*295*151mm

Package Includes

1 x TT013 Carrying Box

Q: If I can use it for other models of the tour guide system?

A: Yes, you can if the product size is appropriate

Q: Do you have a charging box for TT110 Tour Guide System?

A: Yes, we have the 32 Slots Charging Box TT014

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