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Retekess TT125 Whisper Tour Guide System Long Battery Life with 32-slot-Charging Case

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4 h fully charged, transmitter works for 18 h, receiver works for 80-100 h

2.4Ghz international public frequency band

Built-in microphone in the transmitter

Noise reduction and excellent audio quality

This whisper system includes:

-2 transmitter (with lavalier mic)

-30 receivers (with headphones)

-1 x 32-slot charging case

The whisper tour headsets can be used for traveling, meetings, factory visits, training, and other situations where normal communication is not possible due to distance or noise.


32-slot charging case

The aluminum charging case is sturdy and durable, and can charge 32 transmitters or chargers at the same time, batch charging not only saves time but also eliminates the trouble of tangled wires. In addition to 32 devices, the charging case can also hold headphones, microphones, lanyards, and other accessories for easy storage.

Clear sound quality

The transmitter reduces surrounding noise and outputs sound up to 16K effect, so viewers can focus on the audio content without being disturbed by noise.

Large-capacity battery

Both the receiver and transmitter are equipped with 3000mAh batteries. The transmitter works for 18 hours, receiver use time is about 80-100 hours, eliminating the trouble of frequent charging.


One-touch mute

This function allows the tour guide to suspend the audio output. When the tour guide needs to talk to someone privately or needs to remain silent during a specific part of the tour, simply press "Mute" to temporarily mute the microphone. This provides flexibility and control for the tour guide to manage the audio transmission.

Automatic channel synchronization

TT125 tour guide microphone system offers an automatic pairing feature that simplifies the setup process between the transmitter and receiver. In addition, the Whisper system has a channel memory feature, which means that when the transmitter and receiver are switched off, they will remember the selected channel for next use.

AUX and MIC Inputs

The TT125 transmitter's MIC port also allows the connection of audio devices such as MP3 players, cell phones, or PCs. This is useful when the guide wants to play pre-recorded audio or integrate an external audio source into the tour.

Transmission distance

The whisper system for tours has an operating range of up to 150m/492ft in open areas, so receivers don't have to congregate around the transmitter to miss any information.

Flexible expansion

The TT125 transmitter can transmit audio to as many TT125 receivers as are within the transmitter's operating range. So you have the flexibility to add or subtract receivers depending on the size of your group.

999 individual channels

Whisper tour guide equipment has 9999 channels to choose from, supporting multiple groups at the same location at the same time, with each group using a different channel without interference or crosstalk between them.


Other features of the TT125 wireless whisper tour guide system

The TT125 transmitter has a built-in microphone and can transmit sound without a microphone.

The receiver is supplied with a D-type headset that is compatible with both left and right ears.

TT125 receiver has a volume level from 0-9, allowing adjust the volume according to your needs.

The small, lightweight transmitter and receiver can be comfortably hung around the neck with the included lanyard, freeing up your hands.

2.4GHz global channel can be used worldwide to avoid WIFI interference.


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Specifications of TT125 whisper device

TT125  Transmitter

TT125  Receiver

Operating frequency 


Operating frequency 

Channels 999 Channels 999
Charging current  1A Charging current  1A
Operating temperature -20 °~ +70 ° Operating temperature -20 °~ +70 °
Transmitting distance 150m Receiving distance 150m
Battery Run Time   18h Battery Run Time  80-100h
Charging time about 4 hours Charging time about 4 hours
Size  114.8mm(L)*54.8mm(W)*20.6mm(H) Size:  114.8mm(L)*54.8mm(W)*20.6mm(H)
Weight 101.2g (accessories not included) Weight 102.5g (accessories not included)
Battery capacity 3000mAh 3.7V Battery capacity 3000mAh 3.7V
TT021 32-slot Charging Case
Size  425mm(L)*305mm(W)*170mm(H) (including handle)
Weight  4030g (including adapter)

Package Includes:

2 x TT125 Transmitter 
2 x Lavalier microphone  
30 x TT125 receiver     
30 x D-shaped earphones   
32 x Lanyard 
32 x USB cable  
2 x User manual 
1 x Charging case

Q: What are the advantages of a portable charging case?
A:  This charging case can charge 2 TT125 transmitters and 30 TT125 receivers at the same time and can store all the accessories of the whisper tour guide system. The outer body of the box is made of aluminum alloy, which is durable and fireproof.

Q: How many receivers can one transmitter match?
A:  One transmitter can use an unlimited number of receivers as long as they are tuned to the same channel. Click to buy the TT125 receiver.

Q: How to disinfect the headset after use?
A:  You just need to wipe it gently with a cotton cloth or cotton swab dipped in alcohol. The included earphone is a D-type earphone, which does not need to be inserted into the ear, which is cleaner and more hygienic in comparison.

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Tatiana P.
I liked everything very much!
Excellent service, fast response to all questions, and good audio guide. I am an Amsterdam guide and use these machines every day, they are compact, the sound quality is excellent, and the battery life is impressive, lasting for the entire duration of our long tours.

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