Retevis Two Way Radio in Restaurant Hotel RT42 (1 Pair)

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This is the newest free-license two way radio, stylish appearance, mini compact, comfortable feel, rugged enclosure, wear resistance, not easy to scratch. One meter free fall, it’s housing without damage, the radio can continue to work, good call quality, stable and reliable quality. It is suitable for the cafes, hotels, upscale restaurants, hair salons etc.

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2pcs Retevis RT642/RT42 Mini Walkie Talkie PMR Radio PMR446 FRS FM Radio Rechargeable Portable Two Way Radio Handy Walkie-Talkie

It is widely used in restaruant for talk in time.

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Legal Lisence-free Two Way Radio

No legal issue and additional frequency useage fees. Whether you are in the company or at home, outdoors or indoors, you can freely 

communicate with your friends at any time. 

Note: PMR Radio is lisence-free for Europe,FRS is for USA and Canada.

Portable Pocket  Radio

light and small design; Easy to carry and use for a long time; You can even put it in your pocket

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Power Saving Function

670Ah battery capacity support 6-10 hours Continuous use and can last longer if you use the battery saving function.

Dependable Coverage

Reliable signal coverage made you feel like you are talking with your partner face to face.Usually the call distance in urban 

areas can reach 0-2Km, and the open area can reach 1-3Km.

Note:The actual call distance depends on the usage environment. The fewer obstacles, the farther the call distance.

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Sturdy Body

One meter high drop test,The walkie-talkie looks and functions normally.

Good sound quality

Equipped with high-quality sound unit, the sound can be adjusted to a very high decibel.the sound quality is good, 

no distortion, makes you feel like communication with each other face to face.

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Rose Gold Color

Superior rose gold color makes your walkie-talkie more eye-catching and more stylish.

Convenient Micro USB Charge

Usb charging design make you charge the Retevis RT642/RT42 two way radios anywhere without charging base restriction.

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  1. TOT(Time-out Timer)

  2. CTCSS&DCS Encode/Decode

  3. Battery Save Function

  4. FM radio

  5. Keyboard lock

  6. Long standby

General Specification

Frequency Range




Channel Capacity


Battery capacity

Li-ion 670mAh

Working Voltage

DC 3.7V

Working Temperature


Antenna Impendence


Weight (with battery)







Adjacent channel selectivity


Intermodulation immunity


Signal to noise ratio


Audio distortion



Frequency stability


Output power




Residual frequency modulation


Audio distortion


Package Details

  • 1 x Radio

  • 1 x Type-C USB Charging Cable

  • 1 x Earpiece

  • 1 x User manual

Q:  How many pieces two way radio in the parcel?

A: 2 pcs

Q: I am from US, can i use this two way radio?

A: Yes, we have 2 types, RT42 and RT642. You can choose the US frequency.

Q: I am from Spain, can i use the two way radio?

A: Yes, we have 2 types, you can choose RT642.

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