Long distance alphanumeric paging system for Manufacturing & Warehouse

Many warehouses and manufacturing facilities depend on wireless warehouse staff paging systems. In the past, untimely communication led to the inability to fast unload and turnover of logistics, which easily caused traffic congestion and disorder.

With Retekess warehouse paging system, employers and supervisors can easily give an employee a pager, and with a touch of a button, they can be sent text messages with the information needed for the employee. Our warehouse paging system can cover large venues and ensure smooth signals. It can also be operated through an offline keyboard and computer software, which is convenient for dispatchers to check the waiting time and driver status. 

Using the alphanumeric pager helps 1. Solve the queuing and scheduling problems of logistics warehouse trucks and forklift drivers. Instant and clear notifications for forklift drivers, let truck drivers wait in an orderly manner, and execute according to the notification. 2. Reduce delays due to lack of driver presence, load and unload cargo faster and more efficiently, and eliminate congestion in restricted areas. 3. Improve work efficiency and service quality, save business costs


  • Improve the productivity and accuracy of truck deployment.
  • Locates staff quickly. Minimizes emergency response time.
  • Improve forklift productivity. Facilitates a professional atmosphere.
  • Eliminates downtime. Faster service for customers.
  • Eliminates overhead PA, and no noisy intercoms.
  • Reduced labor cost. Eliminates walk-outs and comps.

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