Tour Guide System

Affordable prices

Bargains in tour guide systems won't cost you a penny more

Crystal clear audio

Tour guide headset system with advanced anti-interference technology to ensure signal stability

Best tour guide system

Portable, durable and stylish, with charging dock and charging case for easy use

Warranty and Returns

With 30-day no-questions-asked return and 2-year warranty, you can rest assured

Tour Guide System for Tours and Church Translation

Wireless tour guide system is portable and affordable, allowing visitors to hear the guide's voice clearly. As the best tour guide system, it can help users enjoy crystal clear sound and barrier-free communication in long-distance and high-noise environments.

Retekess wireless tour guide system

Tour guide system is a portable wireless communication system, used to transmit audio from the presenter to the listener, and is ideal for tour groups to provide an excellent and comfortable travel experience. Tour guide system is easy to use and has clear sound, suitable for tours, museum visits, factory tours, interpretation, outdoor teaching, etc.

Retekess tour guide system additional transmitters

The portable transmitter in the tour guide systems includes a microphone, charging cable and lanyard. The presenter of the group event speaks into the transmitter's microphone, and the audience listens through the receiver. A portable FM transmitter can be used with numerous audio receivers.

Retekess tour guide system additional receivers

The tour guide system receiver includes headphones, charging cable and lanyard, and these user-friendly accessories are comfortable and secure when worn. One team supports countless receivers, which you can purchase directly as needed.

Retekess tour guide system accessories

Retekess tour guide system 32-port, 40-port, 60-port, 64-port charging case, and other accessories such as microphone and headphones.

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