Casino paging system

In the competitive world of casinos, customer service is what differentiates you from others. Retekess offers the most complete and reliable wireless casino paging system to improve your business efficiency and customer service. Good communication and productivity translate into faster table turn-around and more satisfied customers.

Wireless casino paging system

For more popular machines, such as poker rooms or slot machines. Customers need to wait in line. When the employees distribute meal takers to customers, customers don’t have to wait in line but can roam the casino. When it’s their turn, employees don’t need to shout their names or order numbers, but press the number via the keyboard. Then the pagers will beep, vibration, or light to promote to the customers. our staff can page a pager and start getting the next order ready instead of yelling out names over and over again. Besides, Many casinos offer to-go fast-casual restaurants and poolside food service.

Due to that, we’d better keep a safe distance, we can use the guest paging system to call the people who ordered. Once we handle pagers for them, they can do the things that they like instead of waiting in line.

Wireless calling system

When your guests are seated, they will be delighted to see that at the push of a button they can request service or a bill.

The service calling system consists of call button and watch receiver. If you like, you can also add the host receiver and put it on the counter.

After pressing the call button, the waiter will check the table number and service type and then go to service.


  • Increase sales and profits
  • Reduce customer’s response time
  • Promote an ideal casino atmosphere
  • Increase the seating efficiency
  • Enhance customer service

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