Wireless Calling System for Retail and Grocery Store

Have you been looking for a way to get a quick connection with your customers? Or are you looking for a way to give your customers updates on the prices of your products and services in your grocery store? Or are you exploring how to simplify communication between employees? I am sure that you will find the answer via the Reteekss wireless retail paging system.

With the years of experience in this field, we can tell you with confidence that Retekess retail paging system will improve your client’s experience and staff coordination.

How to use the paging system?

Hand your customer one of Retekess wireless retail pagers when they are in line. Then, allow your customers to wander around the store and do some compulsive shopping this way customers feel that they are putting better use of their time by being able to shop while they wait for their order to be ready. Trap those potential store sales that may be lost if customers have to wait in the waiting without retail wireless pagers. Customers will be alerted discreetly with a vibrating and flashing pager promptly when it is their turn to be helped. Make shopping in your retail store an experience more efficient and enjoyable for customers with our retail wireless pager system.

In addition, Retekess wireless calling system can also be used to retail stores. It consists of call button and watch receiver. When the customer cannot find the required product or need to confirm the price, they can press the button which are installed on the shelf. After that the store staffs will being able to reach customers quickly to improve customer satisfaction.

With the help of Retekess excellent wireless retail paging and calling system, you can contact your customers to pick up goods or get other updates. Send us an email and get a perfect solution for your own business.


  • Easy to install
  • Reduced labor cost
  • Improve customer response times
  • Facilitates a professional atmosphere
  • Provide a better shopping experience

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