Custom Packages

For our products, we have a number of packaged combinations. However, the size of the company is different, and the quantity required is not enough, so Retekess provides a flexible product quantity packaging solution.

For example, in the catering industry, depending on the size of your restaurant and the types of food provided, you will need different numbers of keypad transmitters. For example, you can separately call the same pager(customer) at the cashier, pick-up point, bar, dessert supply point, or other types of catering place, those transmitters are able to use in the same system, and then choose different numbers of pagers according to your customers flow rate. For the staff call system, according to the number of your service staff, select the corresponding number of watch receivers, and then equip the call button with the number of your dining tables.

For a tour group, if 1 team is equipped with a guide, you can choose one guide transmitter, and 1 group is equipped with 2 guides. You can choose 2 guide transmitters, and then choose the guide receiver corresponding to the number of tourists. In addition, if your tour group is very large, and several groups visit a scene at the same time, then you can choose the corresponding transmitter according to the number of groups, and then choose the corresponding receiver for the number of tourists. Therefore, no matter what quantity requirement you have, we can provide a flexible combination quantity.

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