About Retekess

Retekess has been innovating and working hard in the field of Wireless Communication Technology for more than 10 years. We aim to adopt wireless technology to make communication easier and more efficiency, Retekess products and solutions serve for over 20 industries.
Retekess has the professional teams working on wireless technology application and innovation, software, market research and development, quality control, warehouse management and customer support. Based on the high-quality products and professional customer support, Retekess won a great reputation from customer all over the world. Choose Retekess, Choose success!

Industries Served


Guest paging system and service calling system help customers, service, and counter to communicate in an easy way to improve working efficiency and customers satisfaction. These systems help you run the business successfully.


Nurse calling system improves your workflow, providing effective patient care, and creates a comfortable quiet environment. Patients press the call button to notify doctors or nurses once they need help.


Wireless paging system makes it as a silent way to stay connected with families in the church, daycare and health club childcare centers. Parents will be freer and relax.


Tour guide system makes the speaking more clear for every prayer. One person translates the meaning to the prayers, using the original language to make them understand well.


Tour guide system makes communication easier for tourism under noisy environment or long distance. It creates a clear sound and pleasant environment for all customers.


Retekess portable and infrared solutions for small to medium to large group venues, allow all participant to catch the important information and make your event more successful.


We offer a service calling system for hotels and club. This system solves the problem between customers and service with long-distance and waiting time. It improves customer satisfaction and your business.


Guest paging system is widely used in the casino to prompt an ideal atmosphere, one place where customers don't have to stand around waiting for their seats. They can hang around and place with other machines while waiting for the one that they like.

Retail& Grocery

With Retekess retail calling system, you can keep in touch with customers no matter when they need assistance, and help to provide seamless, efficient service that keeps them coming back for more.


Wireless call button is used to notify supervision technicians and quality control staff of a need for assistance. Reduce costly time waste and machine downtime. Tour guide system used for a factory visit, making it more professional and clear when visit and introduce.

Education & Training

Tour guide system, FM transmitter and radio receivers help students in the classroom hear from the sound source without distraction, at a volume that accommodates their needs


Window speakers are widely used in banks window, making it is easier for communication between bank staff and customers. Clear communication, satisfactory feedback, and high working efficiency.


Let the stylists know the customers need to help or ready for a salon. It improves working effiency and customers satisfaction,


Nurse calling system gives the older an assistant to asking help in an emergency, they just need to press a call button to ask for help from family members. Retekess Radio allows you listen to music, get news and weather report, also works as en emergency tool.


Guest paging system is widely used for the warehouse. Each driver is given a pager with the unique number in one group. After the first truck is ready to go, the console can press the following number to ask next truckcome in. Save the waiting time to improve the working efficiency.


Any communication between people needs to be clear, easy and high efficiency. You can try to ask wireless technology for help. Retekess will supply the best solution for you all. Such as for the company interview, trade show, logistic,fitness center, rental company, IT technology, even for supply solutions company.

Testimonials from Our Partners

I was skeptical about this item, but bought it anyway because of the unbelievable amazon price. I’ve used it for the very first time on my food truck during a busy event and can honestly say that this product is absolutely amazing, it saves a lot of time and makes my business more efficient; it to mention how impressed my regular customers were at the newly adapted technology. It works just as good as the $$$$$ systems. I’d give it 10 stars!

- Antonia Evenstar

Bought these because I run a bar with a kitchen. Customers would come to the bar and order food and then turn around and wander off. They are drinking after all! But then their food would come out of the kitchen and the hunt was on! Many times we couldn't find the customer because they had wandered off to smoke or talk with other people. And when we did find them their food would no longer be hot and fresh. So we started giving them the pagers. Not they get a buzz and come get their food. If they don't come and get their food when buzzed, that's on them and not us. This way we have a lot less redos in the kitchen and the customers are getting consistently hot food.

- Melka

These work well for our food truck. The customers like them and we love them! Easy to use. Easy to customize to your business. Sometimes the customer doesn’t always hear or feel the buzzer, but 98% of the time. They work great.

- Granola

This product is amazing, easy to use, I hope keep working for long time! Retekess is great, right on time, giving merchants opportunity to grow their bussines !

- Sandra De León