Tour Guide System for Tourism

There are many forms of travel, such as cultural tours to visit ancient buildings, natural scenery tours, Segway tours, and factory tours. No matter what kind of travel, everyone hopes to be relaxed and enjoyable during travel. However, traditional travel has many transmission problems.

Encountered the same problem?

In a group trip, if tourists want to hear the voice of the tour guide, they need to gather together. Even if the tour guide shouts out loudly, the tourists may not be able to listen to the words well, and there is no way to appreciate the surroundings while listening to the explanation. Beautiful views of ancient buildings. This method not only caused great damage to the tour guide’s throat and increased their risk of throat disease, but also had a bad travel experience for tourists. Gradually, tourists' enthusiasm for group travel is getting lower and lower.

How does the wireless tour guide system play a role in a group tour?

The tour guide wears a tour guide transmitter, and the tourist wears a receiver. Through the transmitter, the tourist can easily hear the tour guide's explanation through the receiver without gathering together. Especially during the epidemic, while maintaining a safe distance, the explanation can be clearly heard. If a tour group needs two guides, the Retekess tour guide system can also satisfy two guides with a team. If you are traveling for communication, you can also use a two-way tour guide system. Everyone can ask their own questions during the trip. Everyone can hear the questions clearly and respond to them, making the trip easier and more comfortable.

The tour guide system not only saves the voice of the tour guide but also improves the experience of the tourists, allowing the culture to be better spread during the trip. With a good reputation, whether you are an individual tour guide or a travel agency, you will have a steady stream of customers.


  • Efficient transfer of information
  • Everyone affordable
  • Enhancing the visitor experience
  • Improve the reputation of travel agencies

Traveling is not only to look at the scenery and ancient buildings but to learn more about the local customs and the history behind the ancient buildings. Therefore, it is very important to convey information effectively. Undoubtedly, the wireless tour guide system promotes the development of the tourism industry and makes a very important contribution to the development of the tourism industry. Retekess is also committed to providing better products and solutions for communication issues during travel.

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