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Wireless nurse calling system

With the development of the times, the timeliness and efficiency of communication are becoming more and more important. In medical institutions and healthcare establishment, Wireless nurse calling system is widely used in various medical places to provide efficient services for medical staff and patients, in physicians, surgical centers, hospital waiting rooms, eyecare centers, dentist offices and veterinary offices. The medical and healthcare calling system can be used for daily assistance and emergency calls, providing patients with a comfortable and reassuring environment , while also improving the hospital's service level.

Retekess provides a cost-effective medical paging system that can solve communication problems encountered in the medical process. It includes call keyboard, pager,call button, receiving watch, receiving host, corridor display screen and signal repeater. Once they pair it with each other, they can work. It is very easy to install and operate.

The patients can press the call button to ask the help when they need, no matter in beds or toilet. Then the receivers will display the bed number of the call,light and broadcast the bed number. The nurse can help immediately after seeing or hearing the prompt. Efficient response speed makes patients feel more at ease during medical treatment.

The nurse calling system also save the waiting time for patients. The nurse can give a pager to the patient and ask them to wait. Then it is their turn, the doctor can press the number to call the patient to come in. The system make the patients freedom and save their time.

If you want to have a medical paging system for your own business, please email us at in time, we will provide the best products to build your business.


  • Easy & quick installation
  • Minimal wiring required
  • Simple to operate and train staff
  • Saves valuable response time
  • Fast and efficient patient care service
  • Improve patient safety and quality of care

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