Two-way radio system



  • Improve working efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction

What is the two-way radio system

The intercom system consists of walkie talkie. They are widely used in restaurant manager, the lead of service and chef. The manager can assign emergency tasks to service. And the chef can call the service to get food in case of lacking food in the kitchen. Words instead of prompt: beep, vibration, and flashlight. The working distance can reach 500-1000M. TE system is popular due to its mini size too. Working efficiency to deal with the emergency can also improve staff communication efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Using subject

Greeter/Restaurant Manager/Chef

Talk to any other in time


2 types: US Frequency(22 channels) and EU Frequency(16 channels). Hang on the mini two-way radio on your neck or on your waist, plugging in the earphone. If there is an emergency or needed to talk with staff, you can press the button on earphone to send audio. The range can up to 0.5-2km in an open area. FM radio function is also supported.

Custom Solutions


  • Enhance restaurant image
  • Restaurant staffs used two way radio, more fashion.
  • Improve working efficiency
  • Manager can assign task to the staffs immediately, chef will get the shortage of ingredients after talk to service.
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Restaurant service will serve customers at once, after get the indication from manager.


Anywhere that need two way communication like restaurant, cafe, hotel, club.