Retekess TD006 Table Service Call Button Paging System

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Built-in 12V/23A battery, replaceable battery, Four-key features (CALL, WATER,BILL,CANCEL), TD006 wireless call button IPX3 water proof; Stable signal and long range (200m) ideal for restaurant, bars, cafe, SPA and so on.

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Retekess TD006 wireless table call button has 4-keys in all:  CALL, WATER,BILL,CANCEL

Program the table call button with watch receiver. Then put wairelsss tale call button on the table directly.

If customers need service, they can press to call. Servicer will get the signal on the watch and go to serve. 


Restaurant Paging System

Signal Range Covers 500m/1640ft in Open Area

2 Pcs Acrylic plate for each black pager

Waterproof T128 Wireless Calling System Call Buttons

Call Buttons

4-key Buttons, water, cancel, call, bill

Easy to fix the advertising paper in the middle of two plates by the magnet on transparent plate

Restaurant Calling System

Applied to Restaurant,Nursing Home,Cafes, Supermarkets, Hotel, Hospital Wards, Emergency Center,Banks, Schools, Factories, Construction Sites, It Can Help You Improve Quality of Service

This is wireless table call button,you need to use transmitter watch.


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RF frequency: 433MHz

Modulation Mode: ASK (AM)

Material: ABS

Power: 12V/23A battery (included)

Working current: 18mA

Stand-by current:<1uA

Waterproof: IPX3

Size: 112 x 72 x 49mm

Transparent acrylic plates:158*100mm


2x call button

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