Retekess TD022 Thermal Printer Kitchen Restaurant POS printer 80mm

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80mm printer with Autocutter function Print width :79.5±0.5mm Paper Width:3 1/8" (80mm) No need for ribbon/ink Fast printing of text and images, Long-lasting auto-cutter up to 1million cuts. It supports Windows /Linux software based on ESC/POS command High efficiency with auto cutter and the fastest printing speed--160mm/sec, Support cash drawer, low noise,support kitchen printing


  1. 160 mm/s low noise and flying print very easy to use and operate

  2. Retekess TD022 SUPPORT Window and Linux system, fast printing, and Compatible with ESC/POS commands, with strong compatibility.

  3. With automatic paper cutting function and Support money box drive.

  4. Built-in wall hanging function, and kitchen printing and network printing supported.

  5. Support picture printing from NVLOGO download(Sheet format for BMP).

  6. Support no-lose function to prevent losing orders.

  7. Support anti-sticking clipper function to prevent from sticking the papers.

  8. Support the order prompt and error alarm function, as well as a variety of one-dimensional bar code printing.

  9. Support the print head overheating protection function, so that the print head life longer.

  10. Network interface with 100M network speed makes data transmission faster.

  11. Support Linux system and advanced OPOS driver.

  12. Compatible with ESC/POS commands, with strong compatibility.

  13. With powerful graphics custom, character custom printing command can achieve a clear and beautiful printing.

  14. With a structure easy to load papers and the function to detect the lack of papers, and black mark detection function supported.

Takeout and kitchen printing system Main Applications

  • The business ticket printing system

  • Supermarket ticket printing system

  • Banknote printing system

  • Hospital ticket printing system

  • Telecommunication ticket printing system

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Model number


Printer mode

Direct line thermal sensitivity

Printing speed

160 mm/S

Printing Width

72 mm

Paper Width


79.5±0.5 mm

outer diameter of the printing paper

80 mm

Printing paper thickness

0.06-0.08 mm

Print density

576 Point/line or 512 Point/line

Character Size

ANK characterFontA1.5*3.0mmFontB:1.1*2.1mm

vertical spacing

3.75 mmAdjustment by command

Interface type

Internet access

Bar code character

Bar code type


One-dimensional code


Extended character table

PC347(Standard Europe),Katakana,PC850(Multilingual),PC860(Portuguese),PC863(Canadian-French),PC865(Nordic),West Europe,Greek,Hebrew,East Europe,Iran,WPC1252,PC866(Cyrillic#2),PC852(Latin2),PC858,IranⅡ,Latvian,Arabic,PT151(1251)



256 K Bytes

Input Buffer

64 K Bytes

Power supply

Power adapter


Power supply


Cashbox output



Automatic clipper




Movement life of 100 kmClipper life for 1 million times

Environmental necessities

Working conditions


Storage Conditions

Temperature-1060,humidity: 10-90%

Environmental directives

Operating environment


Print command

Compatible with ESC/POS command

Physical property



External dimension


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