TR620 Cassette Player Portable AM FM Tape Player with Auto Reverse

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The simple little button you push to reverse the cassette player no lag or delay

AM/FM radio with external headphone jack 

Auto-reverse tape player with recording function

TR620 Cassette Player Portable AM FM Tape Player is similar to the TR606 radio,

but the sound quality and technology are more advanced, and the function items are also increased

so that giving you more choices.

  • You can use it In classrooms and hospitals, at lawns and beaches.

    • And everyone can use it.

Tape loop playback function and auto-reverse player 

Just press a button, you can realize the function.

And then you can take a rest because it will automatically play the entire tape.

And also it can achieve back and forth,

then the crystal clear sounds will quickly give you a pleasant auditory enjoyment.

Tape recording function to the portable tape player

What should I do if I want to save a wonderful song or poem?

Follow the instructions, and you can record your favorite voice and important information.

External headphones are available with the portable radio

If you are in a noisy environment or don't want to disturb other people, the mode will be a good choice for you to listen to music, watch a movie, or another amusing hobby.

The stereoscopic and futuristic surface of the AM/FM radio

The portable tape player owns the silver futuristic appearance, but it's kept inside retro feeling tone,

the contrast cassette radio will give you different feelings.  

AM/FM Radio With Good Reception

Battery capacity and power supply mode


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    TR620 Cassette Player Portable AM FM Tape Player specification:

    Recording: Support built-in microphone and radio recording

    FM frequency: 88-108 MHZ 

    AM frequency: 530-1600khz

    Power supply: DC 3V/2 * AA battery

    Antenna: FM pull rod antenna

    Speaker: 45mm 8 Euro 0.5W

    Tuning mode: Pointer tuning

    Rated power: 500MW

    Headphone jack: 3.5mm

    Size: 121*44*91mm                                                                                                                                           

     Package Includes:

    • 1 x TR620 radio
    • 1 x User manual

    Q: Can I listen to music without using headphones?

    A: Ye, it has a speaker, you can use the earphones or not.

    Q: Can I charge it using USB as an excuse?

    A: Yes, the cassette player supports the function.

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