Retekess T-AC01 Access Control System

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Support 125KHz EM card; RFID transponder technology; Can be programmed for use with a doorbell.

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Stand-alone Keypads
WG26 with 34 input and output; Controller Mode or Reader Mode could be switched; Does not need to connect on the computer; it can works alone
Waterproof touch panel; doorbell button; and Metal Keypad housing with back light
Support 8000 user cards
Support Card; Password; Card with Password; Memory capacity: 8000 user cards and 1 password
Access-Control Keypads for security
Humanized tamper alarm function; Can set up a management card: Users can reset private passwords or delete lost cards for safety with keypad
Full programming from the keypad
Active and passive lock signal output
Imported double point relay output signal
Contactless RFID transponder technology
Connection for the external release button
Low power consumption; The same series of access control support data copy and backup
Can be used when the password read head and one machine
EEPROM memory protects programmed information in case of power loss
1 WG26 interface Add-in Reader Interface: Can be used as a card reader
can be programmed for use with a Wired doorbell

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Access control keypad
Working voltage: DC12V
Unlock relay: 12VDC/2A
Quiescent current: lower than 50mA
Effective Cards:8000
Ambient humidity: 0%-95%
Card type:125KHz EM or EM compatible card
Read range:1.96-3.93in
Opening time: 0-255 seconds (adjustable)
Electric locking interface: Relay output or input of optional

Package Includes:
1 x Door access control
1 x Installation Kit
1 x English user manual

  • Metal Acrylic Panel support touch panel with backlight which can scratch resistant and waterproof; Support 125KHz EM card

  • With Humanized tamper alarm function provide more safety for you; Users Can add card number and delete card number as your requirement for safety with keypad

  • Support 8000 user cards and 1 passwords; Three door open methods Card Only; Password Only; Card with Password

  • WG26 with WG34 input and output; RFID transponder technology;Can be used as card reader or standalone access controller; can be programmed for use with a doorbell

  • Specific design with backlight keys and red yellow and green colorful LEDS display; Convenient for using even in darkness; Doesn't need to connect on the computer, can works alone

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