Table Location and Tracking Systems

With the table location tracking system, customers can take the tracker and decide for themselves where to sit after placing an order, and restaurant staff can use the display to look up the guest's location and quickly provide service. On the one hand, restaurant staff can find customers faster and improve efficiency. On the other hand, guests have a better dining experience. Overall, increase table turns and revenue for your fast food and cafe.

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Accurate table location system for precise positioning, away from searching in noisy

Omni-directional table positioning signal sensing with zero delay and zero error rate

Powered by 3 x AA alkaline batteries, the locator lasts for 2 years

Pagers with stable signals can stand for 6 days after a full charge

Easy to find and greatly improves food-serving efficiency

Can be easily installed by a single person

Note: Please use the product on the table which be made of wood, plastic, glass, and other materials, and avoid the tabletop of metal and marble

$549.99 $499.99