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Cardioid and omnidirectional switching

Mute the microphone with one click, easy to use

Clear lighting distinguishes pickup patterns
(cardioid pointing: green light indication, omnidirectional: blue light indication)

Monitoring headphone supports volume adjustment

The maximum sound pressure level (SPL) is as high as 120dB, and there is no distortion under high-decibel sounds


Excellent and stable wireless transmission: 4×50 frequency channels.

Auto-Tuning: Automatic Frequency Search and ACT Function.

Complete Interfaces: 4×XLR Interfaces + 6.35mm Audio Mixer Output Port.

All-metal casing, sturdy and durable.

Package list:

1x TC104 receiver,

4x TC104 wireless microphones,

1x adapter(EU/US/UK optional),

1x user manual


— Dynamic Hi-Fi Speakers

— The microphone only picks up sound sources directly in front of the microphone to filter out noise

— Wireless microphone and receiver pair automatically when turned on

— Allow connection of microphone, Bluetooth V5.0, USB

— Automatically searches for frequencies and selects the best frequency

— The metal shell is drop-resistant and anti-collision

— Transmission range 295ft/90m