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Customization Service Customization Service

Customization Service

Advanced Capabilities, Products & Solutions

Retekess provides a variety of custom services

Retekess aims to improve communication efficiency for enterprises, focusing on tailor-made wireless communication solutions and products for different markets and environments, like software and hardware integration services. Our products have been sold all over the world, and we have also provided many solutions for more than 100,000 customers around the world.

Cooperating with Retekess, you will get the most efficient communication, the best service, and the most cost-effective products.

Custom Product

OEM and ODM customization. In recent years, Retekess has Provided ODM and OEM customization for many customers. So we have rich experience and the ability to handle unique customization of various projects for you. Whether you want to customize products suitable for a specific customer group according to your ideas, or you want to customize colors, languages, logos, packaging, or any other functions based on existing products, Retekess will strictly follow the agreement to help you achieve them.

Custom Solution

Based on wireless communication technology, Retekess provides a combination of multiple products and software and hardware, suitable for multiple scenarios. Whether you are operating restaurants, hotels, health centers, entertainment, tourism, or smart manufacturing companies, overall efficiency, and customer satisfaction cannot be ignored. No matter what kind of communication problem you are facing, please contact us to put forward your request, Retekess professional team will help you customize the most efficient solution.

Custom Packages

Companies of different sizes have different requirements for the number of products. For existing products, we not only provide a packaged quantity of direct purchase but also provide a variety of customized packaging quantities. For restaurants, you may have different call points and different numbers transmitter keyboards; for a tourist group, a group may have one or more tour guides, and different numbers of tourists, so you will need different numbers transmitters and receivers. Therefore, you can contact us to customize solutions for different packages. A professional team will provide you with the most suitable packaging quantity and the best price.

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