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Retekess Mini 3.5mm Headset Microphone for TT109 Tour Guide System Transmitter

SKU: LP22080306

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This microphone is suitable for TT109 tour guide system transmitter
Universal 3.5mm standard plug
Flexible, adjustable headset angle
Comfortable and durable, made of high-quality materials
High-fidelity sound quality, clear and loud sound
Lightweight for easy storage and portability

Note: This headset is only compatible with the TT109 transmitter, not suit for other models of tour guide transmitters.

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User-friendly design

The microphone arm can be bent to adjust the position and easy to display on your head. You can hang the steel ear-hook on your ears, steady and cozy even when wearing a pair of glasses.

Excellent workmanship

The ergonomic and flexible design gives you freedom of movement for energetic performance for any occasion and provides loud, clear, high-fidelity sound.

Easy to Carry

This head mic is small and lightweight, comfortable to wear, and easy to carry.

Long cable

The cord length of the headset microphone is 90 cm/35 in, allowing you to move freely.

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