Retekess TD183 Pager for Long Range

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2 prompt mode vibration+beep+flash and vibration+flash

Lager size pager 100*96*20mm to avoid missing

Guest pager with LED digital numbers, extend guest pagers from 000 to 998

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Larger Pager Size and Durable

The pagers are made with high-quality materials that make them much more durable to accidental drops and falls. 100*96*26mm large pager size to reduce the probability of loss.

Restaurant Pager with Automatic Monitoring Function

When the staff pick up a pager and pass it to customers, the pager will beep or vibrate in a moment to make sure the customer will get a normal work pager.

2 Alert Types of Pagers

Alert guests with vibration, light, beeps or vibration and light, easily grab the attention of your guests with the multiple alerts that they will not miss. The vibration is strong enough for customers who put the guest pagers in their pocket.

Easy to Add Guest Pagers

TD183 guest pagers have LED digital numbers, you could add up to 998 pagers or change the pagers number easily without returning it back. The paging system can grow in size as your business grows. Save money instead of always buy a new set pager system.

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Coaster Pager

Operating Voltage: DC 3.7V (Rechargeable battery)

Standby Duration: ≈20Hour

Receiving Sensitivity: -115dBm

Battery Capacity: 300mAh

Prompt Mode: Vibration/Buzzer/Flashing

Prompt Time: 30s

Weight: 80g/ 2.82 oz

Pager Size: 100*96*20mm

This pager is only applicable to Retekess TD183 Long Range Pager System

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