Retekess TT101/TT102 Tour Guide Speaker System Long Standby with Charging Case for Group Tours and Plant Tours

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Tour guide speaker system package includes 2 TT101 transmitters and 38 TT102 receivers, a 40-port charging box

VHF band transmission, less interference, stable signal, excellent sound quality

Microphone jack can also be used as an AUX jack to connect audio devices

Portable charging case is durable and drop resistant

TT101 transmitter can be used for 20 hours

TTT102 receivers can be used for 40 hours

Transmission range up to 256 ft/80 m

One button to turn off all receivers

One button to automatically pair

Transmitter mute function

Easy to operate and use

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long standby time tour guide system

Crystal clear sound

The tour guide speaker system adopts advanced phase-locked loop frequency synthesis technology to automatically avoid interference, keep the signal stable and the sound clear, and ensure that 99 channels can be used without interference.

Auxiliary transmission

By connecting an external audio device to the transmitter's microphone jack, the receiver can listen to the sound of the external device. Guides can use this feature to play pre-recorded voice files or music.

Portable charging storage case

The charging case is made of aluminum alloy, durable and fireproof, with portable handle. It can charge 2 TT101 transmitters and 38 TT102 receivers at the same time, and it can put down all the accessories.

Super long standby time

The short charging time of the tour guide audio system can meet the ultra-long continuous use. The transmitter can work continuously for 20 hours and the receiver can work continuously for 40 hours, which is perfect for outdoor use over long distances.

Comfortable accessories

The transmitter's lavalier microphone and the receiver's single-sided headset are comfortable and secure to wear. And each device comes with a lanyard allowing you to hang it around your neck, freeing your hands and preventing you from dropping it.

Transmitter mute function

In the pairing state, click the power button to turn on the mute function, and click the power button again to turn off the mute function. The receiver can't receive sound in the mute state, so when the interpreter has something insignificant to say that he doesn't want to be heard by the listener, he can use this function.

Turn off all receivers with one click

After long press, the transmitter power button for 6s, all receivers of the same channel will be turned off. If you have many receivers, this function will save you a lot of time and improve your work efficiency.

Transmission distance

 The wireless tour guide audio system has a working distance of 256 feet/80 meters or more, so the audience can be scattered within 256 feet from the transmitter and can listen to the tour guide's instructions clearly. This means tourists don't have to gather around the transmitter, which gives them a more satisfying experience.

Multiple usage scenarios and methods

         retekess tt101 and tt102           TT101  TT102 retekess tour guide system                   Simultaneous interpretation mode

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Frequency Range: 195 – 230 MHz

Channel: 99

Voltage: DC3.7V

Battery: Built-in 1000mAh lithium battery

Receiver Working Time: About 40 hours

Frequency response: 50-18000Hz

Radio-frequency technique: PLL synthesis

Degree of distortion: < 0.2%

Noise-signal ratio: ≥90Db

Charging time: 5-6 hours

Package includes:

2 x TT101 Transmitter

2 x Microphone

40 x Lanyard

40 x User manual

38 x TT102 

38 x headset

40 USB charging cable

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