Retekess TT105 Wireless Tour Guide System 2 TX with 38 RX with 40 Port Charging case

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TT105 tour guide system 2.4GHz

One-key Receivers channel synchronization function

Worldwide free license Two-way communication for the two guides

You can charge 40 devices at the same time with the charging case

This package includes 2 transmitters and 38 receivers and one 40 port charging case.

You can also buy 4 transmitters and 36 receivers, it is based on your needs.

Retekess TT105 tour guide system with 2 transmitters and 30 receivers with one 32 port charging case


•Transmit frequency 2400-2480 MHz; Real digital transmit;

It is free use all over the world, no need to worry about the license thing.

•50 channels

It can work for 50 groups in one place, just keep them in a different channels. 

•Working with unlimited Receivers

If you want to more receivers, feel free to add as many as you need.

•Two-Way communication; allowing two-speaker to speak at the same time; 

The two transmitters can talk to each other. 

•1500mAh lithium battery of transmitter;1000mAh lithium battery of Receiver

10 hr continuous work time for the transmitter, 12 hr continuous work time for the receiver

•One-key Receivers channel synchronization function

•Transmitter has 4 levels volume; Receiver has 9 levels volume

•150 meters in an open area, the transmitters can reach 100 meters with each other

NOTE: The Vice transmitter can only work with the main transmitter

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Frequency range: 2400-2480MHz

Channel: 50 channels

Output power: 10mW

Power supply: Built-in 1500mAh lithium battery

Working time: About 10 hours

Working distance: 150 meters (open-air)

Size: 84 x 49 x 19mm

Weight: 60g


Frequency range: 2400-2480MHz

Channel: 50 channels

Power supply: Built-in 1000mAh lithium battery

Working time: About 12 hours

Size: 84 x 49 x 19mm

Weight: 52g

Charging case

32 Ports for charging case Retekess TT105 

Input: AC110-220V, 50/60Hz

Output: DC 5V, 16A

Size: 425 x320x 183mm

Weight: 4800g

Package Includes:

1 x Main transmitter

1 x Vice transmitter

38 x Receiver

2 x Microphone

38x Single earphone

40 x Charging cable

40 x Lanyard

1x 40 port charging case

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