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Retekess T130MIC T130SMIC Silent Conference Systems Handheld Microphone Transmitter for Conference Training Church

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Wireless handheld microphone for flexible spokesperson changes

High ECM sensitivity; very wide bandwidth

Low non-linear harmonic distortion

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, 10 hours of work for the microphone transmitter, 18 hours of work for the receiver

Working distance 100m/328ft

Easy to use: support one-touch pairing, one-touch shutdown of all receivers

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T130MIC silent seminar system allows multiple speakers to address a large audience simultaneously, without the need for loudspeakers or audio amplification, attendees use wireless receivers to listen to the presenters.


High-quality wireless conference systems

High ECM sensitivity: The microphone captures audio very accurately and clearly, even from a distance. In meetings, this feature ensures that each speaker's voice is picked up clearly, enabling effective communication and collaboration.

Wide frequency band: The Conference System can operate over a wide range of frequencies, allowing it the flexibility to select frequencies that are not occupied by other electronic devices or wireless systems, ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted communication experience.

Low non-linear harmonic distortion: The silent conference system ensures that the audio output maintains its realism and fidelity. This ensures that conference participants can hear each other clearly without any audio artifacts or unpleasant distortions.

Wireless handheld microphone transmitter

The wireless design allows conference participants to move freely around the space without being restricted by cable lengths or tripping hazards. It also provides the flexibility to change speakers, allowing multiple speakers to take turns using the microphone to make comments without any inconvenience or interruption.

Long range wireless audio guide system

The wireless handheld microphone transmitter and receiver have an outdoor operating range of 100m/328ft (indoor operating range of 50m/164ft.). This extended range is ideal for meetings or events in open spaces or larger venues. It gives the speaker the flexibility to be moved further away from the receiver while maintaining a clear and uninterrupted audio signal.

Compatible with T131/T131S receiver

The t130MIC transmitter can be used in conjunction with the T131/T131S receiver to form a wireless tour guide system. Compared with the T131 receiver, the T131S receiver has a longer standby time and louder sound. You can freely choose the receiver model to match the transmitter according to your needs.


One-touch pairing

Long press the power button of the transmitter for about 3 seconds, and the channels of the microphone transmitter and receiver can be synchronized without any complicated steps or manual settings, saving time.

Turn off all receivers with one click

To conveniently turn off the receiver after a meeting or event, this feature allows the user to turn off all connected receivers with one click. This eliminates the need to power down each receiver individually, making it more efficient and easier.

49 channels

In locations where there may be interference from other wireless devices, you can adjust to the appropriate channel to minimize signal interference and ensure stable, uninterrupted transmissions. Additionally, the 49 selectable channels allow for running multiple teams in the same area, simply by assigning different channel IDs to each team.

One-touch mute transmitter

By clicking the power button, the mute icon will appear on the screen, at which point the transmitter enters mute mode. During a meeting, when the presenter needs to pause his/her speech or block any unwanted sound transmission, he/she can control the audio output by muting the transmitter to ensure a smooth meeting experience.

Wireless receiver

The T130/T131S receiver comes with a volume control button with 10 levels of volume adjustment. It is very compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and comfortable to wear. In addition, the transmitter can be connected to an unlimited number of receivers and transmit audio, so whether it's a small meeting or a large conference, the convenience of the flexibility to add receivers ensures that no one is left behind.

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T130 Receiver T131S Receiver

Working frequency


Working frequency


Working frequency 


Charging method TYPE-C DC5V/1A  Charging method Mini 5V 1A DC USB connector Working Voltage DC 3.7V
Product weight  155 g Product weight 45g / 0.1lb Product weight 30g(without accessories)
microphone electret condenser microphone Power supply  Built-in 600mAh lithium battery

Earphone Jack

Communication range 100m Communication range 100m Communication range 100m
Working hours 10 hours Working hours   18 hours Battery Run Time  20 hours
Size 255mm (L)*52.5mm (W) Size 72x42x12mm/2.8x1.6x0.5in RF spurious rejection ≥90dB
Battery capacity 2800mAh3.7V Frequency response  50Hz-18000Hz Frequency Response 50-18000Hz


Battery Capacity


SNR 80dB(Typical)
Size 73*42*12mm

Package includes

Package Package list
1TX+6RX T130MIC Transmitter*1、Sponge cover*2、T131/T131S Receiver*6、Earphones*6、Lanyard*6、Charging Cable*7、User manual*1
1TX+10RX T130MIC Transmitter*1、Sponge cover*2、T131/T131S Receiver*10、Earphones*10、Lanyard*10、Charging Cable*11、User manual*1
1TX+15RX T130MIC Transmitter*1、Sponge cover*2、T131/T131S Receiver*15、Earphones*15、Lanyard*15、Charging Cable*16、User manual*1
1TX+20RX T130MIC Transmitter*1、Sponge cover*2、T131/T131S Receiver*20、Earphones*20、Lanyard*20、Charging Cable*21、User manual*1

Q: How do I charge them?
A: You can charge the transmitter and receiver using the included USB charging cable. We also provide a 16-slot charging base to make charging safer and more convenient.

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