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Retekess TA007 Wireless Headphones With 2.4G Low-latency BT

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1. 2.4GHz frequency hopping technology

2.  Wireless TV headphones automatic standby power saving function

3. Transmitter comes with a charging base, removable rechargeable battery

4. Headset with Bluetooth and 2.4G mode selection, support for watching TV process to answer incoming calls

5. The transmitter has LINE IN input, supports 3.5MM, and RCA connection. If you have fiber optic or coaxial connection needs can use an accessories adapter.

6. Communication distance, 2.4G mode is greater than 30m, Bluetooth mode is greater than 10M (open space)

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The Retekess TA007 wireless headphones are compatible with all models of TVs, allowing you to enjoy low-latency watching movies at home. At the same time, it is ergonomically designed and comfortable to wear. It can also be used as a separate Bluetooth headset for daily use.

Bluetooth And 2.4G Mode Optional

The headphones have 2.4G TV mode and Bluetooth mode to choose from.
Bluetooth mode can be used with mobile phones or other devices. No need to buy extra Bluetooth headphones for your phone anymore.

Wireless headphones Stable Signal

In the 2.4G TV headphones mode, the connection distance between the headphones and the transmitter is about 30m, so it is no problem to move around at home.
In Bluetooth mode, the connection distance is about 10 meters.

Multifunctional Base

It can be used as a transmitter, and also be used to store headphones and charge them.
The vertical rechargeable transmitter is easy to charge and store.

Removable Rechargeable Battery      

If you want to watch TV for a long time, you can also prepare a pair of fully charged batteries and replace them at any time. Solve the problem that the battery is damaged and cannot be replaced

Wear More Fit And Comfortable

The rotatable earmuffs allow you to adjust according to the angle of your ears, which fits your ears better and is more comfortable to wear.

2.4G Technology With Low Latency

Latency below 20ms, with low latency improves your viewing experience, making it smooth and hassle-free.

Strong Compatibility

Connect the transmitter to the TV's audio output port. 
The transmitter's Optical, 3.5mm AUX, Coaxial, and RCA input options make it compatible with virtually every TV on the market

Watch In Peace

1 transmitter can connect two headphones. Listen alone or with a partner at your own desired volumes.

Bluetooth Earphone

The Bluetooth function allows customers to connect to other devices such as mobile phones. Buying one device can be used with multiple devices, and there is no need to buy multiple headphones for other devices.

Power Saving Function

Headphones enter standby mode without signal input in 5 minutes. Functional design to save power for users.

Clear Sound Quality

The earphones are well sealed, which can reduce part of the noise. Whether you are watching TV or listening to music, you can hear a more refreshing sound quality.

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Wireless TV headphones With Transmitter Speciation:


Working voltage: AC:100V~240V

Operating current: 550mA

Mode: 2.4G mode, Bluetooth mode



Operating voltage: AAA *2 2.4V

Operating current: 50mA

Charging time: 3H

Signal-to-dry ratio: 72dB

Distortion: <1%

Frequency response: 20Hz~20kHz

Operating time: 12H in the loudest case (13H in 2.4G TV mode, 17H in BT mode, defined as 12H)

Number: support 1 launch matching 2 headphones

Distance: 2.4G for more than 30 meters, BT for more than 10 meters

Q: How many pagers can be added?

A: Expandable up to 998 pagers, you can always add more restaurant pagers to the system as your business grows.

Q: Does it support two wireless headphones at the same time?

A: Yes, a transmitter can be connected to 2 headphones.

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