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Retekess TD125 TD035 7 Inch Wireless Voice Pager Two-Way Intercom System EU Version For Tea-house, Chess Room, Restaurant, Hotel, And Club

SKU: F9640A-F9640CX5

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Voice calls, hosting, and extensions enable voice call groupings.

7-inch TFT screen is tempered and has a capacitive touch feature.

The extension has very low power consumption and long battery life.

The host allows for voice recording and broadcasting. Installation is inexpensive and does not require any wiring.

This system is ideally suited for the service industry, including independent private rooms at restaurants, teahouses, chess rooms, offices, and clubhouses

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Are you looking to minimize complaints and enhance work efficiency while reducing costs? Would you like to make it easier for your employees to communicate and boost your store's revenue? Look no further than the TD125 7 Inch Wireless Voice Pager Two-Way Intercom System

Retekess TD125 7 Inch Wireless Voice Pager Two-Way Intercom System EU Version

Features of TD125 7 Inch Wireless Voice Pager Two-Way Intercom System:

Two-way Voice Communication Device

This two-way voice communication device enables wireless communication, allowing you to streamline your service staff and address customer needs in one go.

Long Battery Life And Standby Time

With a powerful 2200mAh polymer lithium battery, the host of this system offers a long standby time of up to 11 hours. Each extension comes with a 1400mAh battery capacity and a standby time of over 7 days.

Broadcast Function And Playback Key

The system also features a broadcast function and playback key, allowing you to set automatic playback and send separate messages to employees and customers.

Stable Signal

Thanks to its stable signal, this system can transmit signals up to 1000m and even pass through walls while maintaining clear sound quality.

Customize The Room Name

Customize the room names according to your specific environment with the multilingual input method that comes with this system.

7 Inch Touch Screen

The 7-inch touch screen with TFT display improves the image quality and offers easy operation with its capacitive touch screen design.

High-quality Audio And Voice

Deliver superior and impeccable sound quality with the host and receiver of this system, providing crisp and clear listening experiences through our smart audio technology.

Support 8 Languages

Choose from 8 languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian, to set the device to a language you are familiar with.

Adjustable Screen Brightness

The adjustable screen brightness feature automatically reduces the screen brightness when there is no operation on the main unit.

Meticulous Service

At Retekess, we offer meticulous service, strong technical support, and a perfect customer service system to ensure your satisfaction. We provide detailed and practical industry solutions to meet your specific needs.


This system is ideal for customer call service or employee internal communication in various settings such as independent private rooms in restaurants, hotel conference rooms, budget hotels, elderly care institutions, nightclubs, casinos, offices, and more.

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Two-Way Communication - Host

Intercom Paging System - Extension

Communication method LORA spread spectrum communication (half duplex) Transmission power 1W

European version 433.050-434.790MHz

Battery capacity polymer lithium battery 1400mAh (3.7V)
LCD 7-inch TFT Speaker 8Ω/2W
Resolution RGB 800*480 Standby time more than 7 days
Transmission power 1.3W Power interface 5V USB type-C
Battery capacity polymer lithium battery 2200mAh (3.7V)
Host capacity 100 extensions
Touch mode capacitive touch

Package Includes:

1 x host (with antenna)
5/10 x extension (quantity optional)
1 x base bracket
1 x double sided tape
5 x USB type-C
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Belt clip (with 2 mounting screws)
1 x manual

Q: Can a demonstration video be arranged?

A: You have the option to contact us online or via email for a video demonstration. We are more than happy to provide one.

Q: Is the payment for this system made only once or is there a monthly fee?

A: The payment for the TD125 system is a one-time fee. Additionally, we offer free lifetime technical support.

Q: What is the maximum number of extensions that can be added to a host?

A: The TD125 system allows for the addition of up to 100 extensions.

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