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Retekess TD166 Alphanumeric Pager 5KM

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Retekess TD166 extra pagers

Super long working distance: 5000 meters

Receive text message and reminding signals

Propmt modes: flash, vibration, beep and any combaination

Resistance to falling and dust-proof

Support 9998 pagers in all, 9999 number is used as out of range alarm

The Paper insert size: ɸ106mm

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Retekess TD166 extra pagers for paging system in manufacturing and warehouses

Super long-distance: communication distance of 5 kilometers

Touch buttons, offline keyboard input, support serial port connection to computer

Support 56 characters and max 9 fast text message sending

PC software operation and customized software services

Helper in scheduling, quickly notifies drivers and crews

Overhead PA speaker system eliminated

Minimizes staff response time and machine downtime

Reduce labor costs and improve storage and distribution efficiency

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Size: 106mm*106mm*17mm

Battery: 3.7V 550mAh lithium polymer battery

Power Supply: 12V/2A (for charging 10 pagers)

Standby/Operating Current: 16mA/160mA

Charging Current: 150mA (it takes about 3-3.5h to be fully charged)

Standby Time: 20h

Receiving Sensitivity: -121dbm

Screen Size: 28.78x20.97mm(RXK128x64 LCD Display)

Modulation: FSK

Frequency: 31 frequencies are optional (refer to the frequency comparison table)

Material: ABS

Key Type: Mechanical

Q: Is this the original TD166 pager?

A: Yes. Retekess TD166 original extra pagers. Purchase 10 pagers give 1 charging base, and purchase 20 give 2 charging bases.

Q: How can I get the whole set of TD166 paging system for manufacturing & warehouses?

A: Here is the link to TD166 complete set. Please click here and visit.

Q: How to change the prompt modes of the TD166 pagers?

A: TD166 has many reminder mode: flash, vibration, beep and any combaination. You can refer to the manual and select the way you need.

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