Retekess TD183 Keypad Transmitter Charging Base for Long Range Pager System

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Original keypad transmitter for TD183 long range paging system

Transmitter distance 2624ft/800m in the open area

Keypad has 2 prompt modes: mute and beep

Support up to 20 buzzers to be charged at the same time, add up to 996 pagers

Provide US, EU, UK, and AU plugs

Press 999+call to turn off all buzzers at the same time

Note: Shipment within 5 business days

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Retekess Original Keypad for TD183 Long Range Restaurant Pager System 

Easy to Add Guest Pagers

TD183 guest pagers have LED digital numbers, you could add up to 996 pagers or change the pagers' numbers easily without returning it back. The wireless paging system can grow in size as your business grows. Save money instead of always buying a new set pager system.

Space-saving Stack Charger Pager System

TD183 long-range paging system can charge all 20 pagers in about 4 hours, then last for about 20 hours.

Long Range Pager System

TD183 paging system adopts FM technology, the range of up to 800m in a line of sight. Wherever customers are waiting can always keep you connected, the long-range pager system let customers know that they are needed instantly.

Larger Pager Size and Stable on Keypad

The pagers are made with high-quality materials that make them much more durable to accidental drops and falls. 

View Call History

TD183 long range pager system allows you to check 10 calling records, easily to find out which customers you have called and them again in a fast way if the order has not been taken.

In addition to the above features of the TD183 paging system, there's enough space that is branded to promote your business. You could also set the keypad transmitter working mode to mute. And after a day of busy working, the staff just need to put all the pagers on the charging base, then press 999 and a call button to power off all pagers, then unplug the charging base from the power source will be OK.

Note: Please use the keypad transmitter on the table which be made of wood, plastic, glass and other materials, and avoid the table top of metal and marble.

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Keypad Transmitter

Input Power DC12V/2A
Max number of pagers 996
Number of charging pagers 20 pcs
Weight 415g/14.64oz
Size 220*215*26mm

Q: What is the range of the TD183 pager system?

A: The range up to 800m in the open area.

Q: How to clean and disinfect the station/base and pagers?

A:  It can be cleaned and disinfected with alcohol wipes. Keeping safe for staff and customers during COVID-19.

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