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Retekess TH003 Waterproof Receiver

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Approx 1000ft/300mtrs

4 Levels of volume

IP55 Waterproof

52 Ringtones

Low power consumption

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1. Place the transmitter exactly where you intend to fix or wear it and confirm the receiver still sounds when you press the transmitter push button. If the receiver does not sound, maybe need to reposition the transmitter or adjust the distance between receiver and transmitter.


1. The volume of the receiver can be adjusted by pressing the Volume button on the receiver to increase the volume by one level. The receiver will switch to the minimum level if the maximum level is already set.

2. The melody played by the receiver can be set by pressing the Backward or Forward button to select. Please refer to the“CHANGING THE RINGTONE” step.


1. Remove the exhausted battery and dispose of it properly.

2. Insert the new battery into the battery compartment. Observe correct battery polarity (+ve and –ve), or the unit will not function and may be damaged.

3. Refit the transmitter to the cover.

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Working voltage of plug-in receiver

Working temperature -30℃-70℃/-22℉-158℉




User manual

Q: If the receiver does not sound

A: 1. The battery in the transmitter may be run down(the transmitter indicator will not flash). Replace the battery.

2. The battery may be inserted the wrong way round (polarity reversed). Insert the battery correctly, but be aware the reverse polarity may damage the unit.

3. Ensure that the receiver is switched on.

4. Check that neither the transmitter nor the receiver is near to possible sources of electrical interference, such as a power adaptor or other wireless devices.

5. The range will be reduced by obstacles such as walls, although this will have been checked during setup. Check that nothing, particularly a metal object, has been placed between the transmitter and the receiver. You may need to reposition the receiver.

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