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Retekess TR201 AM FM NOAA Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

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Emergency radio with 5000mAh power bank 

TR201 radio supports 4 power options: Hand-Cranking, Solar Power,USB Port Charging, AAA batteries

3 band AM FM WB portable radio

TR201 emergency weather radio designed 6 LED reading light and a 1W LED flashlight and SOS alarm

The radio could work as a power bank to charge for 5V input devices

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Retekess TR201 AM FM NOAA weather radio provides you with tools to use in emergency and non-emergency environments. The portable radio designed with a 1W LED flashlight and 6 LED reading lights, a high capacity 5000mAh power bank, SOS alarm, 4 power options to provide emergency power and IPX3 waterproof for outdoor use. The radio with good reception allows you access to all AM or FM radio broadcasts, and reliable access to NOAA emergency weather broadcasts at any time.

5000mAh Power Bank

TR201 emergency radio with upgraded 5000mAh power bank provides enough power to any mobile device in emergency situations. It works with most 5V input USB powered devices.

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TR201 Emergency Crank Radio Specification:

Frequency Range:


AM:522-1710 KHZ


Power input: DC 4.5V (3X1.5V-AAA)

Recharge voltage: DC 5.0V

Work time: 28H / 16H (alarm)

Output power: 1W / 0.5W

Battery: AAA*3 (Not included) & 5000mAh built-in battery

Standard Package Includes:

1*TR201 Radio

1* Recharge cable

1*User Manual

Q: How to charge TR201 radio?

A: Retekess TR201 radio has 4 power options: hand crank, solar charging, USB cable and 3 AAA batteries 

Q: Is there a way to know when it needs charge?

A: When the sounds of the radio is getting small, or the flashlight gets dark means that you need to charge the radio.

Q: Does the radio have an aux output? I would like to connect headphones or a louder speaker

A: Yes it does.

Q: If the 5000mah battery can be charged with the hand crank if rotated for a long enough period of time?

A: Yes, it would definitely take a while though

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