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Retekess TR604W FM AM WB Portable Transistor Analog Radio with Clear Dial and Large Knob

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Retekess TR604W FM AM WB Portable Radio is the most popular portable radio

Novel appearance, loud sound and good sound quality, which can satisfy the hearing impaired


Satisfy the demand for both bass and treble sound quality

Can be used with external earphones

Retekess TR604W portable radio provides three bands to enrich the content that can be listened to

Simple function and operation, large frequency display window, large knob button adjustment, simple and practical, very suitable for elderly people

FM AM WB 3 band receiver

87-108MHz FM; 520-1710KHz AM; 162.400-162.550MHZ WB

Long antenna

 TR604W portable radio with 24 inches telescopic swivel antenna

If you want to get a better FM reception, please pull out the antenna

If you would like to receive the AM, please get the optimum reception by rotating the direction of the radio

Enjoy the music quietly

Transistor radio with a bass speaker, good sound quality. Support any 3.5mm earphones, you can listen to the radio quietly, don't disturb others

Operated by AC/ D battery

Power supply by 3 x D batteries (not included) or AC 110V input

The analog radio operated by 3D cell batteries ( not included)

If you don’t use the battery, you can charge t the radio with the 140cm AC cord to the power outlet

Better sound quality

TR604W radio with great sound quality that is loud and clear

Featuring a 3.5-inch speaker

Selectable low or high tone

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FM frequency: 87-108MHz

AM frequency: 520-1710KHz

WB frequency:162.400-162.550MHZ

Speaker: 3.5 inch 6ohm 2W

Power supply: 3 x D size batteries (not included) or AC 110V input

Size: 220 x 145 x 62mm

Weight: 746g

A Retekess TR604W portable radio will be equipped with TR604 a radio, an AC power cable (US and EU plug available) and a User manual


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