Retekess TR622 Bluetooth FM Radio Shower Speaker

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Shower Speaker with IP67 fully waterproof

Bluetooth 5.0,

FM radio with multifunctional LED display

Rechargeable radio frequency range: 87-108MHz

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TR622 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Key Features:

1, FM radio with LED display allows you check time and battery in Bluetooth mode

2, Shower speaker with Hi-Fi loud stereo sound, 8W high-performance drivers

3, Waterproof shower radio with IPX7 Waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, scratchproof

4, Bluetooth speaker with built-in microphone for hands-free speakerphone call

5, Rechargeable FM radio built-in 730mAh battery for up to 8 hours of playtime

6, Portable radio with adjustable volume allow you to listen to the station in a comfortable sound level

7, The Bluetooth speaker boasts seven romantic colors and you can lock one color or let it scroll away to elevate the atmosphere of any event, especially beautiful at night

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TR622 Shower Speaker Specifications:

Frequency Range: FM 87-108MHz

Operating Distance: Up to 33 ft (10m)

Power Rating: 5W

Microphone: Built-in

SNR: ≥85+/-2dB

Charging Voltage: DC 5V

Battery Capacity: 730mAh

Charge Time: Approx. 2hours

Playback Time: Approx. 6 hours (Around 50% Sound Level)

Housing Material: ABS+Silicone

Q: Does this shower speaker have volume control?

A: Yes it does.

Q: How to set clock minutes?

A: Holding down the upper left button down to make it flash then using the volume button to change the hour, after setting the hour quick click the upper left button again allows to change minutes

Q: Can the speaker maintain the volume level for when it's turned back on, or does it need to be re-adjusted every time it's operated?

A: Whatever volume your media on your phone is set to will determine the loudness of the speaker.

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