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Retekess TR636 Portable CD Player Bluetooth CD Player Boombox CD Player

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Remote control, remote operation, convenient for users to use;
The CD machine can be used with AC or four no. 2 batteries;
CD、usb、Bluetooth multi-source media playback;
CD、usb has a random play function;
Timed switch machine;

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tr636 cd radio

Full range stereo

Good sound quality and large volume; 2 large stereo speakers; higher volume selection; better sound quality; suitable for indoor use; enough to spread farther.

Full-featured remote control

Complete all functions through the remote control; which is convenient for operating the multi-function player when the distance is far away.

Random play function

In CD/USB playback mode, random play is supported. In addition, there are single-loop play and repeat play functions to choose from.

5.0 Bluetooth function

CD player support hands-free call; can be used directly as a Bluetooth speaker; just connect to the mobile phone and other Bluetooth devices to play the music on it.

Optional power supply methods

AC charging cable (included) keeps you listening to the radio indoors; 4 C batteries (not included) keep the radio away from power outages.

Use with headphones

The CD player has a 3.5mm headphone jack, you can use headphones to listen quietly and enjoy music immersively.

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Specification of TR636 Portable CD Player 


AC:220V~ 50Hz【EU】&100V~ 60Hz【US】

6V (4 batteries)

power rating


output power

Speaker: 3Wx2

Headphone:: 20mW



CD audio sound




frequency modulation (FM)


amplitude modulation(AM)


Horn impedance


Support format


Weight (net weight)


pack in measurement

217 (long) X211 (wide) 114 (high) mm

Product packaging details:





AC power line






Q: Why should I choose the TR636 portable stereo CD player radio?

A: TR636 portable stereo CD player has full stereo quality sound for all the functions, FT card, FM/AM/ CD play. And it is very cost-effective, you can get the good product at a low cost and good customer service.


Q: What battery do I need to buy for using TR636 portable stereo cd player?

A: You need 4 x C batteries for this player. And use for hours to play the audio. You can spend less money to use longer time. And it has the auto turn off function. You can use this function if you listen to audio at night or any time you need.


Q: Does this TR636 portable stereo cd player has Shuffle Playback function?

A: Yes, it has the shuffle playback function. And it also has the play-in-order function.


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