Retekess TT106 Tourist Guide System with Portable Carry Bag

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TT106 Tourist guide system supports two guides working together in the same group

Up to 25 hours of use for the transmitter and 23 hours for the receiver

Working range up to 150 m/492 ft

48-port carry bag holds 48 units and all accessories

2.4GHz signal transmission, available worldwide

Auxiliary audio transmission supported with AUX jack

2.4GHz, worldwide available

TT106 wireless tour guide audio equipment has a 2.4GHz globally available signal, stable transmission, anti-crosstalk, anti-interference, anti-eavesdropping, high security, and privacy.

Support two transmitters

TT106 tourist guide system supports two transmitters working in a group at the same time, it allows two people to speak at the same time or take turns to speak and all listeners can hear both of them. (Note: only 1 transmitter is included in our package, if two transmitters are required, please buy extra)

Long standby time

The transmitter has a built-in 1300mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which takes 3H to fully charge and can be used continuously for 25H; the receiver has a built-in 380mAh rechargeable lithium battery that takes 2H to fully charge and can be used continuously for 23H, avoiding the tediousness of frequent charging.

Features of the retekess tt106 wireless tour guide audio system                              tt106-working-time                                       features of retekess tt106 wireless tour guide system

Transmitter mute function

The tour guide transmitter has a mute function, so if a tour guide sometimes doesn't want visitors to hear him, he can press the mute button and listeners won't hear any of the sounds he makes.

One-button operation

This wireless radio system supports one-button shutdown of all receivers and one-button auto-pairing. Before the tour starts, the tour guide can realize the automatic pairing of transmitters and all receivers within 5 seconds; after the tour ends, the tour guide can also shut down all receivers with one button, saving time and improving efficiency.

Auxiliary Audio Inputs

The transmitter supports external audio input, you can connect the transmitter to your computer, cell phone, MP3, or radio with a 3.5mm audio cable, you can use your audio device to play the sound you need for all your guests.

Add receivers

The wireless transmitter can work with any number of receivers, if your group size increases you can add as many receivers as you need, we have TT106 receivers sold separately, click here to check them.

Durable portable carry bag

The carry bag has a reinforced design all around and soft foam inside that is dropped and impact-resistant. It can hold up to 48 devices and all the accessories for these devices, which not only makes it easier for you to carry the kit but also better protects the devices.                                 

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TT106 Wireless Transmitter TT106 Wireless Receiver
Frequency Range 2400~2483MHz Frequency Range 2400~2483MHz
ID Number 9999 ID Number 9999
Supply Voltage DC3.7V Supply Voltage DC3.7V
Transmitting power <=50mW TIS -90dBm
Frequency stability ±0.001 Frequency stability ±0.001
SNR 80dB SNR 80dB
Size 97*63*18mm Size 65*58*11mm
Weight 70g Weight 18g
Charge time 3H Charge time 2H
Working time 25H Working time 23H
Battery specification 3.7V/1300mA Battery Specification 3.7V/380mA
Charge Jack MINI USB Charge Jack MINI USB
Modulation frequency deviation ±320KHz Modulation frequency deviation ±320KHz
Working current 62mA Working current 15mA
Communication range 150m (open air) Standby current 1mA
Charging voltage DC5V Charging current 320mA
Communication range 150m (open air)
Charging voltage DC5V
  • Carry Bag
  • Material:
Nylon cloth wrapped with EVA
  • Size:
370*340*110mm/14.56*13.38*4.33 inch
  • Weight

Package includes

tt106-tour-guide-system-package 1 / 2 x transmitter
20 / 30 / 48 x receiver
1 / 2  x Microphone
21 / 32 / 50 x Charging cable
21 / 32 / 50  x Lanyard
1 x  carry case

Q: Each receiver comes with a lanyard, how should they be used?

A: There is a hole at the end of the headset, the location can be used to fix the lanyard, while using the receiver, hang the lanyard around the neck to prevent the receiver from falling down and breaking.

Q: Does this transmitter work with a headset microphone? If so, does the company offer a compatible option?

A: Yes, it can be used with a headset microphone and we offer a compatibility option, click here to check it.

Q: What is the warranty policy?

A: We provide 2 years warranty for this product, if you have any questions, please email us to, we are always at your service.

Q: How do I temporarily mute the transmitter without unplugging the microphone?

A: When the transmitter is working, click "right" to mute (the antenna icon on the display will change to a mute icon) and click "right" again to resume sound transmission (the mute icon will change to an antenna icon).

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