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Retekess TT122 Tour Guide System With Carry Bag for Tourism

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TT122 tour guide system has 36 channels

2.4G, free to use worldwide

Simple design, favorite model amount customers

One key to muting the transmitter

One key to turning off all receivers on the same channel

Communication distances of up to 100 meters in open areas

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tour guide system with carry bag


TT122 tour guide system is a simple and fashionable appearance design. The transmitter can be paired with an unlimited number of receivers. So you can add more receivers as you want later.

With this listing, you can choose 1 transmitter and 20 receivers with one bag, 2 transmitters with 30 receivers with one bag, 2 transmitters with 48 receivers, and one carry bag. It is widely used by tour guides in Spain.


Tour guide System

Mute function

You can mute the transmitter, so when you don't want to talk through the transmitter, you can mute it. So the receiver won't receive messages.

Turn off all the receivers once

After use, you can turn off all the receivers at once to save time. No need to turn them off one by one.

Lock function

It will lock after a moment, so you dont press it by mistake

Volume adjustment

You can adjust the volume according to your listening experience.

Long range device

It can reach 100 meters in the open area. 

Working time

This tour guide system for tourism charge 2-4 hours and use 12 hours for the transmitter and 18 hours for the receiver

Carry Bag

The carry bag has 48 ports for the tour guide system, besides the quantity we choose, you can set the quantity you need. It has a side room for accessories. And it is light to carry.

The most popular tour guide system for tourism, and translation.

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Frequency range



36 channels

Output power


Power supply

Built-in 1500mAh lithium battery

Working time

About 12 hours

Working distance

150 meters (open air)


53.5x 19.2 x 74.2mm




Frequency range



36 channels

Power supply

Built-in 1500mAh lithium battery

Working time

About 18 hours


53.5 x 19.2 x 74.2mm



Input voltage


  • Carry Bag:
  • Material: Nylon cloth wrapped with EVA
  • Size: 370*340*110mm/14.56*13.38*4.33 inch
  • Weight:1890g

Question: can this TT122 tour guide system translate creole to English?

Answer: Hello Friend, the device is in need of human translation, the system can't do a translation. Hope this can help you.

Question: Can this tour guide transmitter and receivers support human interpretation into 4 languages at the same time? Thank you!

Answer:  Hello friend, yes, you need to use 4 different frequencies for 4 languages.

Question: I purchased the transmitter at 100t with two hooks over the ear earphones. the earphones are broken. how can I get two replacement earphones?

Answer: Hello friend, so sorry for this issue, if you need two replacement earphones, you can contact us.

3 reviews

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Very satisfied
Its appearance is indeed as simple and elegant as described. The most important thing is that the sound quality is very clear. The patient and professional customer service staff are also important reasons for me to choose Retekess.
Worth the investment
Very good solution for guides of pilgrim groups and excursions. A useful one-button shutdown function on the transmitter of all receivers. The range and clarity of the sound were excellent and it held up well throughout the whole tour. Will definitely be buying from here again.
So far it’s all good things
I tested it during my visit to the Prado Museum and I must say that this wonderful tool made it all a breeze. Every member of my group could clearly hear me, no matter how far away they were. By the way, a single headset is much safer because visitors are not completely cut off from their surroundings. And, instead of being inserted into the ear, these headphones hang from the ear with no hygiene issues.

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