Retekess TD103 Additional Guest Pager

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TD103 long range paging system coaster pager

Restaurant pager TD103 range up to 1200M in open area

Each TD103 paging system could add up to 98 pagers

Waiting buzzer has 7 prompt modes

7 Promp modes

27Pc flash LED, good visibility;

Charge connector, more easy to charge;

The attached charge base can charge up to 10 pagers at once, save your time;

No more data cable, reduce clutter effectively

Waterproof & durable digital pager

Lightweight; IP54 waterproof;

Surface frosting, anti-skid & fall resistance;

Low voltage reminder, ensure smooth work;

500 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, standby for more than 48 hours, effectively avoid frequent charging during use

Easy to power up/off Coaster Pager

Plug and Play: Put beepers on the charging tray to turn on automatically

One-button Shutdown: Put beepers in the charging base, press “0” and CALL button to turn off all pagers simultaneously

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1. Using FM modulation technology, the signal is stronger and more stable, suitable for larger restaurants

2. The pager uses a large-capacity battery, no need to charge frequently

3. The pager is IP54 waterproof to avoid water damage

4. Touch-type keyboard for comfortable use

5. Infrared pairing method to avoid external signal interference during pairing

6. Automatically power on when charging, support one-button shutdown

7. The duration of the Vibration/Buzzer of the pager can be set separately

8. Setting Alarm Time on Overstepping, to remind guests that they are out of service

9. Service countdown: If the guest does not take the meal over time, the pager will remind again

10. Multiple transmit frequencies and channels to choose from to avoid interference

Q: How many pieces pagers can i use in one set?

A: It supports 99 channels in one set.

Q: Does the pager is waterproof?

A: Yes, it is IP54

Q: Can I close the pager beep once promote?

A: No, you need to put it in the charging base to stop the promotion/

Q: What is the range if the pager?

A: We test that it can up to 1200m in the open area.

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